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Umrah with kids

Have been missing this place so deeply. Wishing and always make du'a that Allah invite us again and again to be His guest insyaALlah. Happy seeing all friends that were there this year, deeply inside wishing I'll be there as well. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Allah SWT knows best.

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Just want to share and pen down all the information on making umrah with kids, a toddler and pre-teen Alhamdulillah. For my own record so that it will easier next time insyaAllah and may this benefit others as well insyaAllah. Actually it has been drafted for quite sometime, but I just don't have the time to edit and finalised until today Subhanallah.

So here goes.

Allhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah. Due to his blessings, we had been given another opportunity to go for Umrah last year Alhamdulillah. There's nothing could replace the beauty and the feelings of being there Subhanallah. May Allah gives us more rezqi to go there again insyaAllah.

We went for Umrah from KL instead of from here. Alhamdulillah. It was a last minute plan actually but Alhamdulillah Allah make it easy and smooth for us. I would like to share some tips on what to bring etc etc based on my own research and readings, as well as from my own experience with my kids; age 3 and 8 ALhamdulillah.

Kids can be easy to manage and sometimes unpredictable Alhamdulillah, all depends on lots of factors. Likewise us, adult. We do have our hard time and easy mood:- cukup makan, hati senang. hehe. Same like kids. If we take care of their needs plus du'a, du'a & du'a, insyaAllah Allah will make it easy for us and them insyaAllah.

I'll encourage my youngest to join praying and reading the Quran first, before I offer anything else. I'll also encourage the my eldest to pray and read Quran together as much as she can Alhamdulillah. Since kids have shorter attention or focusing span than us, then only I'll offer the other things as tips below. 

Few tips that can be very useful when we're there insyaAllah. 

(1) Bring their favourite toys. 

It can be just few blocks of duplo legos, favourite soft toys, small cars etc. They can play with them while they are bored waiting etc.

(2) Bring their snacks.

It can small packets of biscuits, cashew nuts or anything that they like. Try to offer or bring something that is healthy and to avoid sugar overloaded. I bought some mini chipsmore that sold in small packets, lexus biscuits just to name a few. The one that I bought is just enough for our travelling journey from KL-Jeddah-Madinah and some left for the first few days in Madinah. Just make sure, they like them. Otherwise it will be just a waste or take tip #4.

Don't worry as you can stock up while in Madinah or Makkah. Do try their delicious yogurt drinks, buns, croissants. I even bring some back home to let others to try. Favourite shop in Makkah - Bin Daud =D 

(3) Activity books.
We brought along some colouring books, activity books and also blank books for them to just scribble or draw on them. Don't forget to bring their colour pencils as well. You can invite other kids to join in if they're next to you and your kids. You can do it when it's possible, especially if you stay between two prayers such as Maghrib and Isya'. May beneficial for both you and the other moms.

(4) Small packets of biscuits/snacks to share around with other kids
This can also teach the act of giving and kindness to other people esp in such a beautiful place MasyaAllah. You will find lots of people come and gives small packets of sweets, biscuits, dates etc and give it to your kids. When we when to shop from snacks, we bought extras and tell your kids that this is for other kids when we're in the masjid. I let them take turns to give it to the other kids. 

I always make sure my kids to give after any prayers, hoping that the other kids won't messed up and create other unnecessary problems to their moms. Just my two cents.   

(5) Use harness if you really need to. 

Follow your inner instinct whether you need to use it, just ignore what you think others will think about you and your parenting style. Then make du'a to Allah SWT, afterall you're at the best place to make du'a right.

(6) Share with your kids on what are they going to do there, show pictures etc. 

This can be done earlier or in advance ie before you go there. And when you're there, then it would be much easier. Remember we talk about this and that when you arrived or doing the ibadat insyaAllah. 

InsyaAllah, this is all what I can remember. Will add it more and share other things insyaAllah. Do let me know if you would like to know anything more about anything while doing umrah. Just sharing based on my experience.

May Allah invite us again and again insyaAllah. Really miss those time when we're there Subhanallah. 

Take care for now. See ya next time insyaAllah

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