Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two months after you left us

Innalillahi wainna ilahi raji'un
Surely we belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return

It's been two months now that you left us
I'm sure that you are now in a better place, happily with Him
No more suffering, no longer in pain
There's no worries about life, studies and work
Thinking about those people who are always in anger, jealousy and hate

Soon after you left, our big brother follows
The pain is still there, Allah increase it more
Such a big test for us as a whole
Subhanallah, Allah knows best and take whatever He loves 
Anytime, anywhere; without us need to be told

Allah's protecting both of you from the sickening world
Where crimes are increasing and such a norm
The borderline of halal and haram is getting blur and unseen
May Allah protect us, here in eemaan and peace  

Oh, you both such a wonderful soul
Rest peacefully with other beautiful souls
May Allah reunite us the whole family soon
in Jannatul Firdausi; to where our highest goal 

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