Friday, November 29, 2013

Sydney Short Trip: Part 1

** Sydney Trip last August; sorry for the long delay. Quite busy with many stuff, catching up with houseworks and other things, Alhamdulillah =) **

Quite a last minute decision for us to finally confirm our flight to Sydney, Alhamdulillah. Our dearest Nuha's passport and visa managed to be finalised and ready earlier than expected. Alhamdulillah. So, we decided to get a direct flight KUL-SYD instead of KUL-PER and then PER-SYD. Obvious reason, costs! Fyi, single ticket KUL-SYD is cheaper than PER-SYD! Not only to Sydney, any tickets to other parts of Australia is normally cost higher than going back to Malaysia. That is why we normally end up balik Malaysia, and takde lah nak pergi jalan-jalan OZ.huhu..

Flight took us 8 hours. It's Nuha's second time in flight. Alhamdulillah, she behaved quite well. Ada la sikit2 meragamnya since flight pun flight siang, at 1000am from KL.  Alhamdulillah, kakak Maryam behaved really good too! She slept for a few hours and then had fun entertaining and playing with Nuha =)

We arrived at 8pm Sydney time, 2 jam lebih awal from Malaysia/Perth.

Immigration check passed! Alhamdulillah. Obviously without any foods. Memang plan tak bawa apa-apa pun =(

Straight away to the car rental and hotel. Alhamdulillah. Arrived around 1000 Sydney time.

Kakak saja buat muka boring tunggu nak ambil kereta

Pusing-pusing juga la nak cari hotel dengan trafik dan tak biasa dengan Sydney city. Quite busy although dah malam, tak macam 'kampong halaman' huhu.. Awal-awal dah rasa, this is not our place..huhu..

And these photos are where we stayed for 2nights, Alhamdulillah. It's a great deal for such a big and spacious room, in a strategic location. It's The Sebel in Surry Hills.

A king and a sofa bed

The Sebel Surry Hills, Sydney. Recommended!

Close to Central Train Station and also 24 hours convenient store - 7-eleven! Quite surprise to see lottttsss of 7-E in Sydney! You can easily spot one or two between 200m apart. In comparison with Perth, I couldn't find any ! Hehe.. The 7e is just 1-2minutes Very convenient but bear in mind that, most of the stuff are quite pricey. And from our observations, food sold in Sydney is more expensive than Perth.

InsyaAllah the second part of our longggg outstanding entry on Sydney Trip will be uploaded soon! Stay tune =)

Friday, November 15, 2013

7 months, now =)

She's 7 months now Alhamdulillah! Time flies really fast.

Milestone and her achievement: For personal records

2 baby teeths - bottom
Sitting on her own, Alhamdulillah without support
Starting solids - rice porridge, avocado puree and more to come insyaAllah
Standing & walking with support (meniti pegang sofa dan kerusi)
Waving goodbye
Mambling at her own language
Quite clingy
Starting to recognize faces; but Alhamdulillah still okay with other people =D