Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another week to go..

She has another week to go before the Term 1 starts in Feb insyaAllah.

For the past 2weeks, she attended the Vacation Swimming classes. Then this week, we spent our time at the local libraries nearby our house for the school holiday activities. Alhamdulillah. Penat juga nak drive ke sana ke mari, tapi mengenangkan kesian pula kat Maryam. Boring duduk rumah especially when her dad's not at home. 

Day 1: takdpt nk join, gara2 xcukup umur 5yo. Sungguhpun lagi few months aje lagi.

Cardboard Art Making & Colouring Activity

Kite Kinetics - Make your own kite

Kite Kinetics - Play

From Garden to Collage
Oriental Fan - Cool for Summer
Swimming for fun

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