Friday, December 21, 2012

Indoor playground / gymnastic centre @ Jungle Gym

Alhamdulillah, masih diberikan ruang untuk bertemu dengan hari Jumaat penuh barakah minggu ini.

Alhamdulillah. Really sorry for the long silence, since am quite occupied with houseworks and activities especially when the little princess is at home for school holidays. There're so many activities that we did so far and plan to do together, so that her school holidays would not be just plain and bored insyaAllah. May Allah ease and bless everything that we do insyaAllah.

Last Wednesday, we've had the chance to go to another indoor playground or gymnastic centre. I think this was her second experience to be in such places. Alhamdulilllah. Thanks to our dear friend, Najhwar for her brilliant idea to bring our kids here. Although it was just an hour and a half activity, but I believed Maryam had a great experience there.

This Jungle Gym is located in Willetton. You may take the junction just before the Bunnings on High Rd if coming from the opposite way of Leach Highway exit. The entry fee is $6 for kids and adult can go free. They played in the Playgym area, which opens from 9.30 until 11am for kids below 5 years of age and the older kids may enter soon after that due to safety. More info and details can be found in their website here


Balancing herself

She really likes the place and looking forward to go there again with her dad, insyaAllah.

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