Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quran Classes

Since we postponed our ticket, Maryam got the chance to attend her first Saturday Quran class at school. There are many other classes according to the student's age and level. Actually the classes has started in Term 2, but we're not being informed on that. It's okay. It's such a small class with less than 10 students. Most of them are Maryam's friends from Pre-Primary class and a girl from Year 1.  

The class is from 11am until 1pm. They start with short revision of previous class work. Then, continue with a new letter. Have some writing activity and have a short break for about 15 minutes. They played in the playground and have some snacks. Alhamdulillah. Looks like Maryam enjoys her Quran class very much and looking forward for it this Saturday insyaAllah.

Writing activity with her friends

Concentrate on her work

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