Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My first stall - Muslimah Collection

Last Sunday, had the opportunity to meet all potential customers at the Langford Islamic College Annual Fete. Alhamdulillah. Setup the stall with my friend, Sarah selling similar items such as clothings, shawls, square hijabs etc.

For those missed the event and would like to come and have a look at my collection, kindly contact me for further details =)
Blouses, skirts & tshirts


Some of the latest collections available. Only black left!


  1. Salam Mazia,
    ruginya tak dpt pergi.. sori ya, ada tetamu kat rumah haritu.. tak sempat nak pergi. :p ramai tak org haritu?

  2. Wsalam wbt k Umi,

    Tak mengapa, sbb sy pun last minute war2kan pada akak.
    Crowd boleh tahan ramainya, gerai pun byk jugak..hehe..
    Kita yg nak bukak stall hanya boleh bukak non-food stall shj, kalau tak bolehlah nak masak2 beriya..hehe