Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today & yesterday..

Today is the first day of new school term, Term 4. Maryam has been waiting for today to come because she misses playing with her best friend and doing the kindy activities at school. Unfortunately, she's been unwell since yesterday. Excessive abnominal gas, been vomiting few times yesterday and this morning, she has a fever. She refused to eat anything since noon yesterday and only drink plain water. Kalau dipaksa makan sekalipun, tak sempat hadam semua dah habis keluar balik. Kasihan anak umi!

I made this bubur lambuk few days ago when the other half was sick. I'm thinking of cooking the same for Maryam tapi lebih berair so that it will be easier for her to digest insyaAllah.

And oh yes, Maryam now has 2 cousins! The latest one is also a girl, which was born yesterday, Alhamdulillah =) Can't wait to meet her!

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