Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maryam @ Perth Royal Show 2012

Has been trying to update this earlier, but due to the large size of the photos, I took several times to try and upload the photos. Almaklumlah internet kawasan rumah bukanlah ADSL2+, tak sampai kt sini; but thankful enough to Allah. Alhamdulillah, at least ada la juga internet connection and tak duduk dalam tempurung sangat. Huhu..

This was our second time Alhamdulillah. Managed to get the discounted ticket at $23, thanks to our friend yang sudi offer untuk belikan at the first place. We went there via train on Thursday as early as 8.30am. Alhamdulillah, managed to secure a parking space at the train station. Stopped at Perth station, going there via express train direct to Showground station.

Remember the previous entry regarding few officers checking the train tickets randomly? This time I witnessed it in front of me while on the waiting to Perth station. The men was dressed smartly in coat, sitting right in front of us. While the officer checking our tickets, he was pretending to find his ticket. Then when the train stopped at the station, he quickly went out and went straight to the ticket machine! Nasib dia selamat, belum sempat kena check and kena denda! Takku sangka, pakai punyalah smart tapi nak naik train free? Huhu..

Okay, back to Perth Royal Show.. we headed first to the Pigeon area.

Some of the unique pigeons available.
Ayam garang!

Maryam yang tak tahan bau busuk dalam tempat ni..

Maryam got the chance to paint the egg. But the staff said she cannot bring back the egg since they're not sure of the hygience of the eggs -so the eggs will become the food for the animals..


her smiley face egg! Hehe..

We paid for one ticket for the yellow brick lane for Maryam. From the royalshow website, I'm interested on those learning activities that might benefits her. There are 7 stops altogether, which costs $10/ticket. Besides the activities, she got some freebies as well =)

The yellow brick lane ticket counter

Painted an apple to be pasted on the trees =)

Made her own wooden truck - of course with her dad's help =)

Tadaa! Her wooden truck =)
Plant her own salad
The Pest Detective ~ at one of the stops..
Her first time on trampoline =)
Antara freebies selain fruits etc =)
Lepaslah untuk aktiviti cuti sekolah di rumah

Her main aim - Abby Caddaby showbag =)

Oh yes, we did allow her to ride since the main attraction here was the colourful, exciting rides. She can only choose 1 ride; but Alhamdulillah,  anak ummi faham aje bila ummi &ayah bagi naik satu je..hehe

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