Friday, September 7, 2012

She lovessss to draw!

One night, she showed us her drawing that night. She then told us that her teacher said there'll be a drawing contest and she would love to join. I said to her, yes why not. And she needs to practise a lot so that she can draw a nice picture. So, she keeps on drawing and drawing. Oh yes, I just let her use the Doodle Pro instead of using the papers. Easier to erase and redraw and definitely not wasting the papers. Huhu..

So yesterday, during our usual chatting session in the car heading home from her school, she told me that she got 2nd prize for the drawing contest. Her teacher called out her name during assembly and this is what she got! Alhamdulillah!

I'm way too I asked her where's her drawing. She told me that her teacher will hang it at the library! Lagilah maknya excited lebih. Hehe..  I don't know from whom she got the talent from, since my hubby and myself are not good at drawing. Maybe she inherites from her Tok Tah & Tok Nde.

Can u guess which one is hers?


  1. Wah mmg berbakatlah dia. kena simpan lukisan2 ni elok2 dlm folder. mana tahu satu hari nanti jd pelukis terkenal :)

    1. betul kak umi, mmg kena simpan utk kenangan insyaAllah =)