Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maryam's playdate

Maryam has a best friend at school. Tuhce, a Turkish lovely girl. Everyday when we met her and her mom, Fatma at school, they always invited us to come over to their house. So, one day, we decided to come to their house, which is not very far from the school.

We brought them a Fairy Cupcakes, made by Maryam and myself.

They had stayed in Perth nearly 2 years, after about 9 years in Melbourne. Maryam can get along very well with Tuhce since both had similar characteristics and the most important thing is that, they can understand each other. Hehe.. =)

Picnic at home, with Tuhce's younger sister

While the children were busy playing together, I was chatting and get to know more with Fatma and her mother ie Tuhce's granny. Their whole family is currently residing here in Perth except Fatma's sister; whom also waiting for her visa to reside permenantly here in WA. The best part was definitely on their hospitality. From time to time, they served us with food and food. Hehe..

Our lunch for the day: Pilaf rice, chicken and salad

Maryam's plate. Cute

Turkish tea

Lovely kids
InsyaAllah, we'll be seeing them again soon, maybe at our house. Get the chance to know their culture and food and will do the same insyaAllah for them. Thinking of what should be the best food to serve them..hehe. Any suggestions?


  1. Seronoknya Maryam Ada Teman karib ;)

  2. Alhamdulillah. Memang seronok tgk mereka berdua berkawan =)

  3. seronoknye bila dpt kawan cengini kan. pandai maryam n ummi buat cupcake :)