Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jalan-jalan Perth: Araluen Botanical Garden

Since the spring has started early this month, we definitely wouldn't want to miss the beautiful sceneries especially tulips here in Araluen Botanical Garden. This was our second time here. Last year, the tulips were already blooomed and many of those tulips bed has started to fall off during our visit there.

We went there on Sunday, where at the same time my sister-in-law was here visiting us. As expected, the park has started to get crowded as time goes by. We arrived as early as it opens at 9am, after our short visit to the Belmont Sunday Market..hehe..So my advice is definitely to come here as early as possible especially if you want to come during weekends or public holidays.

Maryam with her weird (funny?) face

Red & purple tulips

Nice combination of yellow and red. Wonderful!

Another beautiful scenery

Oh yes, Araluen is still full with flowers all seasons I believe. Maybe the main attraction is tulips. But you can still come during other months of the year for many other different flowers as below =)

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  1. Wah comelnya Maryam.. mesti dia happy sgt tu dapat jalan2 naik train dan tgk bunga tulip cantik2 :)