Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fish Market @ CanningVale

For the first time, we finally went to the Fish Market in Canning Vale. Hehhe..Quite excited to go that morning, we went off as early as after Subuh prayer at about 5.15am! Hhehe..

We thought the market opens at 5am, but actually at 6am. So, we waited for half an hour in front of the market. It seemed that there were quite a number of people also waiting for the market to open.

Yes, the prices are cheap. Alhamdulillah! We bought 2 different types of fish and prawns. Thinking of our not-so-big freezer at home, we only bought that for this time. InsyaAllah will come again. For 2kg large prawns, 1kg of bream (3pcs mid size) & 1kg of snapper (2 large fish); we spent about $50! Lepas la untuk masak 5kali makan so far, but there's still 3pcs fish and more than 1kg prawns left! Hheeh..

Our food for Sunday lunch & dinner =)

Bream masak sambal

Snapper sweet sour

Udang masak lemak

Butter prawn yg tak berapa nak jadi.. But yummy!


  1. memang seronok bila tengok harga ikan n udang n segala makanan laut yg murah2 tu tapi tak sanggup nak bersesak2 dlm kabin yg kecik tu. Dgn bau ikan, dgn bau orang lagi, hikhikhik...
    Last sekali I pergi rasanya 2 years ago kot.

    1. Hehe..memang agak sesaklah jugak. Tapi maybe sbb kitrg dtg awl & pilih2 cepat & terus balik, tak sempat nk ramai sgt lagi kot..Pastu bila keluar from main gate, tgk punyalah berderet kereta queue pastu kena byr pulak tu..huhu..dtg awal free la kot..hi

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