Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday before Ramadhan

It's the last Sunday before Ramadhan insyaAllah. Counting the days, and it's now less than a week. Hoping to see Ramadhan again this year insyaAllah.

And since it was the last day of the Pre-Ramadhan Expo, we took the opportunity to go there and have a look on what's being offered. Heard about this kind of expo since last year we've arrived but only got the chance to be there this year, Alhamdulillah. Saw the banner outside the building on Wednesday but were quite eager to have a peek after being recommended by a junior and also a friend of mine, Najhwar who went there on Saturday.

The crowd wasn't that big, maybe it's still quite early in the morning or maybe people have gone there during the past two days.  And I guess some of the products offered were sold out. Huhu..

The entrance

Muslimah section

Muslimin section

One of the books bought for Maryam -
an alternative for the girls to have a fully covered and pretty muslimah princess

The prices were quite reasonable. But for those who didn't have the chance to be there, you can visit their website at Islamic Books & Clothing at as they aren't local bookshop. They came here all the way from Victoria. Besides that, if you're in Perth, there's one Islamic bookshop located in Langford Avenue, which I guess they offer cheaper price for some of the items.

We spent few hours browsing the books, clothes etc. Mostly were for the little Maryam and a book for hubby and some Halal lollies for us...hehe.. Alhamdulillah. We then headed for lunch and quickly back home as hubby has other plan to meet his friends, came from Malaysia. So, made Kuehtiau Goreng Basah for them for potluck.

Express Kuetiau Goreng without vege.
Stok sayur dah habis, tak sempat nak beli =( 

Really sorry Cha for not be able to come for your kenduri =(
Missed the chance to meet you and Kak Umi. InsyaAllah, next time.
But Allah has better plan Alhamdulillah. Got the chance to meet Kak Umi just now at Chicken Treat Thornlie =)


  1. Salam Mazia,
    tak sangka dpt terjumpa tadi kan? mungkin sbb nak jumpa sangat tu yg dah terjumpa hehehe.. Maryam nampak dah besarlah skrg, patut boleh buat peneman balik kg haritu :)

  2. Salam wbt akak,

    Betul tu! Lain kali bila akak dtg area sini, boleh roger eh..boleh singgah rumah =)

  3. It's ok, no worries :)