Thursday, July 19, 2012

School Holiday Activity II: A day @ Scitech WA

Since half of the school holidays were spent in Malaysia, we just went around Perth for the remaining days left before school begins insyaAllah next week. So we decided to bring Maryam to Scitech in West Perth last Tuesday. We actually planned to bring her to the Dinosour Petting Zoo in WA Museum, but it seems that all tickets were sold out until the end of the week. Thus, first time visit to Scitech - Alhamdulillah!

We started off the day quite late, at about 10 am. Not a wise decision. The parking was full and we've searched rounds and rounds at the small parking spaces, hoping other people were leaving the places. Spent about 30minutes there, plus the journey time which took as about half an hour too - it's almost lunch and Zuhur time. Thus we ended up parking our car at the Harbour Town, had lunch at ISPA Kebab and had our prayer there too. Alhamdulillah.

Lunch at ISPA Kebab, Harbour Town

Spacious and convenient prayer room, Alhamdulillah

We arrived at the Scitech, which is located just few minutes walk from the Harbour Town at nearly 1pm. And this was the long queue just to purchase the tickets!

The ticket counter is at the far end of the building 

Scitech from the outside view

We started off with the Cosmic Collision, at the Horizon Planetarium. Scheduled to starts at 1.30pm. Luckily we queued earlier as per clock shown as the queue was horribly long!

Soon after that, we quickly queued for the Dinosour Puppet Show - an interesting and funny for the kids, Alhamdulillah! And then we explored all the science experiments at the centre, with a special appearances of the dinosours until it's time to make a move for Asr prayer..

Many different types of dinosours

Small experiment on collission

On a racing car

A special robot, where you just sit on the allocated chair, posing and smile at the robot and it will draw a picture of you! The photo shows the robot is drawing a picture of a kid.
The crowd was quite big, so we might come again next time and for sure not during the school holidays insyaAllah!

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