Tuesday, July 17, 2012

School holiday activity I : Theater, here we come!

Had the chance to go and watch Hare Brain by Spare Parts Puppets Theatre yesterday. Alhamdulillah. First experience for all of us, to watch theatre here in Australia. The last time I watched a theatre was in Malaysia, where my eldest brother was the main actor, performing during his year in Akademi TV3.

The theater lasted for an hour, and I would say that it's a great experience for my little girl, Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Aunty Sheri to invite us, joining this wonderful school holiday activity. More info on this can be found here.

Maryam waiting patiently outside the auditorium

Booking and ticketing office
The tickets!

In the auditorium, before the theater begins

Can't wait !
Sorry as no photos are allowed during the theater. But I would say congratulations for both the actress for making the theater fun especially for the kids. Alhamdulillah. And it's very creative of them, making full use of everyday objects such as mops, broom etc to make a puppet instead of using the puppets itself. Two thumbs up for the production team!

Then, we headed to the Chicken Treat, located just 2 minutes walking from the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre to buy our lunch. Alhamdulillah. Now there's various options for lunch deals at only $4.95! So, we had royal burger and chips for all five of us! Yummy!

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