Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marshmallow In the House!

Have you heard about marshmallow test?

Have a look at this one below. The kids are really cute and adorable, especially when they were giving such a sweet treats like marshmallow.

But I'm not going to elaborate further on The Marshmallow Test. Will do if I've got a chance insyaAllah. But, ever since watching this great video, I've been craving to eat marshmallows! Hehhe..Oh not really for me, but for my little Maryam of course. Sendiri nak makan, lagi nak put the blame on the daughter..hehe

Anyway, been bloghopping and googling here and there. And finally when everything is ready, so here's the first ever marshmallows in the house!

I'm not really sure on its ingredient since every brand available in the market does contain gelatine. Obviously la kan since that's the main important ingredient in a marshmallows. But the thing is am not sure on what kind of gelatine do they use. Well, if I email or call them to ask the manufacturer, they definitely will provide further information if they really have one. So, instead of asking them about the ingredient, I was like why don't I try it myself. hehe..did I tell you the mood is back again?hehe =D

In the process..

Almost finished, waiting to be poured in the baking dish



  1. Salam Mazia..
    wah ni marshmallow dijamin halal nih. kat perth tak ada jual lg rasanya :)

  2. Salam akak,
    Itula, tapi sy dgr2 ada jual juga tp sy x pernah jumpa. Kalau jual ni agak2 ada ke la orang nak beli nya? Heheh