Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Hootabelle Day!

Yup, it's Hootabelle Day! It's yesterday - 9th June.

Opps, for those who have no idea of what is a Hootabelle - it's a Hoot's owl new friend - the latest friend that has joined the Giggle and Hoot. It's a cartoon charactor ya!hehe..Google for more info..hehe..

We had the chance to spend some time there; just to entertain the little princess since we've not gone out for quite some time except for school and library visits. There were colouring activities, story-telling session at 11am & 1pm at all ABC Local Shop, and also got the chance to get a free Hootastic freegift if wearing either pink or purple on that day.

Maryam colouring the Hootabelle picture in store

Photo with the Hootabelle scene..Sorry, no mascot in store

With the freegift

Story-telling session

Catch of the day! A Hootabelle pink t-shirt & free poster

Since the Hootabelle Day has been organised at all ABC Local shop, no Hootabelle or Hoot mascots available though except for chosen store if I'm not mistaken. The nearest that I know is in Morley, which is about half an hour drive- which I don't think it's worth the time to drive there. This is just enough to entertain my little princess since her daddy's away. Hope you had a great day today my dear.

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