Thursday, May 31, 2012

She's so lovely!

My daughter is such a lovely girl!


One night, she was busy cutting papers, drawing and colouring on the floor at the corner of the lounge. So, as usual I would just let her finish what she was doing. Then when I'm off to the kitchen, I heard her conversation with her daddy.

"Ayah, boleh tak tolong lukiskan vase?" Since her slang was a bit difficult to understand, her daddy didn't get exactly what she was asking, so she need to repeat it several times. hehe..Then she asked her daddy to draw flowers in the vase, more flowers and to colour it. I tried to interrupt from another room, but quickly she said " Ummi, ummi jangan tengok sini. Takde apa-apa," while her hands busy covering the piece of paper she was using it.

I reassure her that I'm not seeing anything, and of course I couldn't see a thing since it was quite far away la sayang..hehe..but I can sense that she's doing something for me..hehe..obviously la kan =) And then I'm off to the bedroom.

I can hear that she was demanding her daddy to draw this and that, colour this and that. When I want to go out to get something, she will say, "Ummi, no peeking! no peeking!" while giggling..hehe..

And this is what she drew for me. A combination work of hers and daddy =) So sweet!


I was calling her to get ready as we're going out that evening. She said, she will come to me in a minute as she's in the midst of completing her puzzle. I was okay and tell her to come right to the bathroom once finished. Later she came to me and we then get ready and off we go.

That night, when she was fast asleep, I wanted to keep away her puzzle. I thought she was doing her jigsaw puzzle as usual, but this time she's doing her word puzzle. And this is what she did. So sweeett! =)

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  1. So sweet...i love my mother...;)