Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest 2: Trip to Perth Day 1

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park and Mondo Nougat to start off their first day here. Since we arrived nearly lunch on Saturday, we had our lunch of Nasi Lemak Ayam Tandoori in the Whiteman Park before going into the Caversham. It was my second entry within a week! Heheh..

This time around we only spent about 2hours maximum since everybody looks really tired. Next stop was at the Honey Farm in Swan Valley. We went to Windarra Honey Farm, which is about 5-10minutes drive from the Caversham. Our camera was suddenly shut off and now waiting to be replaced with a new one - which am not sure when! =(

We got the chance to taste different type of honey; the Jarrah, Redgum etc besides the non-alcoholic sparkling honey drink. The price is quite reasonable; about $30 for 1kg of fresh honey. Haven't got the chance to survey the price in the market yet. If you happened to be around Swan Valley, do includes this place in your itenary as well. It's Windarra Honey; no 5 West Swan Rd =) Sorry no photos in the Honey Farm since our camera rosak!

The last stop for the day was the Mondo Nougat. Bear in mind that if you go there during weekends or public holidays, the place might be so crowded with tourists. But, I guess you might be lucky to get the chance to taste their nougat likewise when I first came with my siblings. Maryam really likes to eat this nougat ever since her first visit here, so we bought a packet of half a kg for home. Surprisingly, she ate them all! Oh okay, exaggerating....she ate most of the packet I supposed =)



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