Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest 1: Trip to Perth Day 1

Our first guests arrived at about 5am via AirAsia. Alhamdulillah. The weather was quite cold especially in the early morning. Not much hassle and checking for them at the Imigresen, so everything settled fast and we managed to arrive at our home at about 6.30am.

After breakfast of fried noodle, I just let them rest for a while before starting off their first day in Perth. Since it was Tuesday, I still sent Maryam to Kindy so that she wouldn't miss any of her class. So our plan for the day was just around the Perth to ensure we'll manage to fetch Maryam on time.

Our first destination was Harbour Town. Yup, I know it's quite early to let them start shopping. So we only spent about an hour or so there, just for warming up. Let them survey the price on what they're planning to buy from here. It was their first time here, so do myself! hehe..The Harbour Town is one of the attractions if you come to Perth especially for those into shopping. It is not that far, took us about 20-25 minutes journey by car from our home. It is located at 840, Wellington Street, West Perth and is accessible by car with plenty of parking spaces available, transperth bus or even by train.

1st floor @ Harbour Town

The parking was a bit expensive for those who didn't know.  An hour parking costs you $4, and $5 for 1-3 hours if I'm not mistaken. Many shops can be found here from Pumpkin Patch, Just Jeans, Royal Doulton, Cotton On, etc. The price is reasonably cheaper than the other outlets. I'm not sure whether it's cheaper than Malaysia or not, since I'm not into shopping!

Next stop was Kings Park. It's about 5 minutes by car. We had our lunch picnic there, Alhamdulillah while enjoying the green scenery MasyaAllah! Had few rounds of photo here and there until it's time to get back for prayer and to fetch the little girl at Kindy.

We spent the whole afternoon just at home after a short visit to Maryam's Kindy since Maghrib is quite early - 5.20pm. After Isya' and dinner of Nasi Lemak Ayam Tandoori, we went out around Perth city at night. We also stopped at Kings Park to get to see the city of Perth at night! Alhamdulillah, what a wonderful and peaceful scenery!

Sorry about the poor photo quality - just using the mobile phone

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