Thursday, May 31, 2012

She's so lovely!

My daughter is such a lovely girl!


One night, she was busy cutting papers, drawing and colouring on the floor at the corner of the lounge. So, as usual I would just let her finish what she was doing. Then when I'm off to the kitchen, I heard her conversation with her daddy.

"Ayah, boleh tak tolong lukiskan vase?" Since her slang was a bit difficult to understand, her daddy didn't get exactly what she was asking, so she need to repeat it several times. hehe..Then she asked her daddy to draw flowers in the vase, more flowers and to colour it. I tried to interrupt from another room, but quickly she said " Ummi, ummi jangan tengok sini. Takde apa-apa," while her hands busy covering the piece of paper she was using it.

I reassure her that I'm not seeing anything, and of course I couldn't see a thing since it was quite far away la sayang..hehe..but I can sense that she's doing something for me..hehe..obviously la kan =) And then I'm off to the bedroom.

I can hear that she was demanding her daddy to draw this and that, colour this and that. When I want to go out to get something, she will say, "Ummi, no peeking! no peeking!" while giggling..hehe..

And this is what she drew for me. A combination work of hers and daddy =) So sweet!


I was calling her to get ready as we're going out that evening. She said, she will come to me in a minute as she's in the midst of completing her puzzle. I was okay and tell her to come right to the bathroom once finished. Later she came to me and we then get ready and off we go.

That night, when she was fast asleep, I wanted to keep away her puzzle. I thought she was doing her jigsaw puzzle as usual, but this time she's doing her word puzzle. And this is what she did. So sweeett! =)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest 2: Trip to Perth Day 1

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park and Mondo Nougat to start off their first day here. Since we arrived nearly lunch on Saturday, we had our lunch of Nasi Lemak Ayam Tandoori in the Whiteman Park before going into the Caversham. It was my second entry within a week! Heheh..

This time around we only spent about 2hours maximum since everybody looks really tired. Next stop was at the Honey Farm in Swan Valley. We went to Windarra Honey Farm, which is about 5-10minutes drive from the Caversham. Our camera was suddenly shut off and now waiting to be replaced with a new one - which am not sure when! =(

We got the chance to taste different type of honey; the Jarrah, Redgum etc besides the non-alcoholic sparkling honey drink. The price is quite reasonable; about $30 for 1kg of fresh honey. Haven't got the chance to survey the price in the market yet. If you happened to be around Swan Valley, do includes this place in your itenary as well. It's Windarra Honey; no 5 West Swan Rd =) Sorry no photos in the Honey Farm since our camera rosak!

The last stop for the day was the Mondo Nougat. Bear in mind that if you go there during weekends or public holidays, the place might be so crowded with tourists. But, I guess you might be lucky to get the chance to taste their nougat likewise when I first came with my siblings. Maryam really likes to eat this nougat ever since her first visit here, so we bought a packet of half a kg for home. Surprisingly, she ate them all! Oh okay, exaggerating....she ate most of the packet I supposed =)



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's been a year now..

Today marked one year since we first arrived and moved here. Alhamdulillah. It seemed to be such a long journey for us for first three months we've arrived. But Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Everything has been wonderful and excellently planned by Allah - for us =)

My previous entry here, a year ago =)

The freezingly cold morning!

We're enjoying the bus ride before!

Excited to move to a new place with orange tree at the back yard!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snickers Cheesecake + Nasi Mandhy = ??

Rehat sekejap dalam update Trip to Perth for Guest 2 ya.
Have been craving to cook/bake those two below for quite sometime actually. Alhamdulillah, both turned out great! =D

A snickers cheesecake for a friend of mine's birthday last April =)
A belated entry again, sorry!

The simple but full of chocolatesss birthday cake

Another smaller version for us at home

And Nasi Mandhy for us! Alhamdulillah! 

Nasi Mandhy with roasted chicken

Oh yes, I didn't made those two on the same day. Mahu tinggi kandungan kolesterol dan lemak sekali makan ni!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tetamu yang ditunggu-tunggu =)

Alhamdulillah, ni lah tetamu yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh Maryam. Kawan bermain dan bergaduh. Bila ditanya, agak-agaknya bila lah Rayyan nak jenguk kita kat sini, Maryam pasti akan jawab..tak tahulah, lambat lagi rasanya..

Sebenarnya kami sengaja rahsiakan kedatangan si kecil ni, sebab nak buat kejutan untuk Maryam. Memang terkejut semasa jumpa di bahagian 'Arrivals' di airport. hehe.. Sebenarnya kalau diberitahu awal, mahunya hari-hari Maryam akan tanya bila lah Rayyan nak sampai..penat ummi nak menjawabnya..

Tetapi, tetamu kami dah pulang minggu lepas. Sob sob. Nanti kita sembang pasal trip mereka di sini ya insyaAllah. Nantikan!

Australian Mandarins

Credit to Woolworth Free Catalogue

Since Perth has four different seasons, the special things that we always waited for is the different types of fruits available here. I got it from the local supermarkets catalogue with regards to the Mandarins in Australia. They look almost the same, but surely have a slight different in taste and it definitely grows at a diiferent time depending on the season!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guest 1: Trip to Perth Last Day

We actually planned to go to Fremantle, but we then cancelled it last minute and headed to the Perth City Centre. We parked our car at Cannington Train Station and took a direct train (with few stops) to Perth Station.

London Court

Had kebab for lunch. Can't remember the name of the restaurant, sorry!
Just spent about an hour or so in the city to get some souveniors, we then headed again to Harbour Town to continue shopping. We took the Yellow Cat bus just in front of the Perth Station and it will stop exactly opposite the Harbour Town. The best part is that it's FREE! hehe..

From the map, it does looks like the Harbour Town is sooooooo near to the middle of the city. Yeah, you can still walk if you like. The Harbour Town stop is no 17 (opposite) and no 23 (in front of the entrance). Just a few stops to the Perth Station.

Yellow Cat bus map

Since I've appointment with the Kindy teacher for the Parents Interview Day, we headed back just in time for the appointment at 4.30pm. While I was meeting the teacher, they continue shopping at the Westfield Shopping Centre, Cannington and Big W, Stockland Shopping to get a sneak peak at the Corelle offers!

What a busy shopping day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guest 1: Trip to Perth Day 2

We started off the 2nd day at Caversham Wildlife Park. It is located in the Whiteman Park, and also one of the attractions places in Perth. I'm sure that most of the tourists to Australia is to have a closer look at the animals that can only be found in Australia.

The park is quite big, and you may need to allocate about 2 hours the least to spend it here. Do come earlier especially on weekends on public holidays as the park may be crowded with people especially those with small children. There are 2 shows available for all - Molly Farm and also Wombat and Friends. The earliest show is at Molly Farm at 10am and the Wombat & Friends will be on an hour after. But, don't worry if you miss the morning show as there will be another session at 2pm and 3pm.

Since we arrived about 10.30am, we missed the Molly Farm and managed to secure in time for the Wombat Show. The show is now at the newly shed area, instead of the open display area. Don't worry as the shed area is just further up, next to the Display Area as per map given at the entrance.

Just before the Wombat & Friends Show

You get the chance to meet almost all Australian animals at the Wombat & Friends Show. You may also had the chance to have a pat at some of the animals. There are few differents species of parrots, reptiles, owls, possum, joeys, snakes and the star of the day - Wombat! Don't worry if you don't bring any tripods to get a family photo as the volunteers/rangers are happy to snap it for you - just let them know!
With the Parrots

Besides the Wombat show, the next attraction would be to see the Kangaroos! Hooray! You get the chance to pat, feed and also to take a photo with them. There are many kangaroos in that area; from different colours and sizes!
Signboards in the park - you won't get lost! =)

In the Kangaroo area

There are lots of different animals in the Caversham. Once we're done, we didn't realised that we spent nearly 3 hours there! Oh yes, I've forgot to inform you about the entrance fee. For adult is $23 while children 3-12 years old is $10. Pensioners, disable person with valid WA card is just $17.

Since the Swan Valley is quite near from the Caversham Wildlife Park, we then stopped at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and also Mondo Nougat. Both are free entry, but obviously the chocolates & nougats aren't free! Sorry as no photos taken in the chocolate factory - busy tasting the chocolates =P

The Mondo Nougat

In the shop

We then headed further up to Hillary's Boat Harbour. From the Swan Valley, the journey took us about 25 minutes. More information can be found here. Since AQWA is located here, we then decided to visit this place - more or less like the Aquaria in KLCC. The entrance fee is $28 for adult and children 4 years old and under is free. =)

Boats ~~ Hillary's

Maryam with one of the aquariums


We then finished off the day having dinner at Uncle Olan's place in Canning Vale. Jejak kasih la juga since my brother & sister haven't met them for many years!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest 1: Trip to Perth Day 1

Our first guests arrived at about 5am via AirAsia. Alhamdulillah. The weather was quite cold especially in the early morning. Not much hassle and checking for them at the Imigresen, so everything settled fast and we managed to arrive at our home at about 6.30am.

After breakfast of fried noodle, I just let them rest for a while before starting off their first day in Perth. Since it was Tuesday, I still sent Maryam to Kindy so that she wouldn't miss any of her class. So our plan for the day was just around the Perth to ensure we'll manage to fetch Maryam on time.

Our first destination was Harbour Town. Yup, I know it's quite early to let them start shopping. So we only spent about an hour or so there, just for warming up. Let them survey the price on what they're planning to buy from here. It was their first time here, so do myself! hehe..The Harbour Town is one of the attractions if you come to Perth especially for those into shopping. It is not that far, took us about 20-25 minutes journey by car from our home. It is located at 840, Wellington Street, West Perth and is accessible by car with plenty of parking spaces available, transperth bus or even by train.

1st floor @ Harbour Town

The parking was a bit expensive for those who didn't know.  An hour parking costs you $4, and $5 for 1-3 hours if I'm not mistaken. Many shops can be found here from Pumpkin Patch, Just Jeans, Royal Doulton, Cotton On, etc. The price is reasonably cheaper than the other outlets. I'm not sure whether it's cheaper than Malaysia or not, since I'm not into shopping!

Next stop was Kings Park. It's about 5 minutes by car. We had our lunch picnic there, Alhamdulillah while enjoying the green scenery MasyaAllah! Had few rounds of photo here and there until it's time to get back for prayer and to fetch the little girl at Kindy.

We spent the whole afternoon just at home after a short visit to Maryam's Kindy since Maghrib is quite early - 5.20pm. After Isya' and dinner of Nasi Lemak Ayam Tandoori, we went out around Perth city at night. We also stopped at Kings Park to get to see the city of Perth at night! Alhamdulillah, what a wonderful and peaceful scenery!

Sorry about the poor photo quality - just using the mobile phone

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First ever guests

I've been quite busy for the past week since we're receiving our first ever guests from Malaysia during our first year here Alhamdulillah.

My sister who just got married last February and my third brother were here last week. We had a great few days together Alhamdulillah. Hope to see you guys soon again insyaAllah!

Will update on their trips here insyaAllah =) Stay tune!

Mother's Day - Belated entry

I know that Mother's Day was over last Sunday. We don't actually celebrated it since everyday is always special to us. Alhamdulillah =)

Just want to share what my little Maryam did for me.

She made this at school- a pocket holder

A lovely card - also made this at school

Home made. Made with my sister's help

Since Thursday last week, she's been busy with the Mother's Day coming. Comel aje.

There's one time, she wanted to draw a card for me on the Doodle Pro board. So she drew a rectangle and request me to write "Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day!" Hehhe..dah lah nak bagi to ummi, ummi kena tulis sendiri..hehe. When I said that to her, she then said, "Oh, okay." And off to ask for my sister's assistance.ehehe

One morning, when she woke up. She said to me " Happy Mother's Day ummi! I love you!"

Mummy lovess u too!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No more holidays..

School just started after about 3 weeks holidays. Most of the schools resumes last Thursday; a day after the Anzac Day, but Maryam just started yesterday since her school days are Monday and Tuesday.

Alhamdulillah, praises only and forever goes to Him. She's okay for the whole day =) It's a long journey my dear.

Moga Allah terus permudahkan urusan kita semuanya insyaAllah. Ameen.

p/s: Oh yes, today is a public holiday for Malaysia - Labour Day. Ours in OZ was in March. A great day to contact the family. Have a great holiday to all !