Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School Holiday Activity 3:

During school holidays, all story-telling sessions and other usual library will be replaced with other activities. The activities normally only caters the students while the usual library activities during school term are for babies until 4 years old.

It is quite interesting because children got the chance to spend their holiday doing beneficial activities; not only offered by the library but also most of the majority shopping complexes.

This is what we found at Thornlie Square. Cupcake Decorations and Mug Painting besides the usual free twisted balloons and face painting for kids.

We got the chance to go for Mug Painting here at Thornlie Square during the end of term school holiday last year. Full entry can be read here =)

Maryam is not interested to get her face painted, so we normally omit that one. She would rather interested in queuing for a twisted balloon. She always had an idea in choosing the balloon. Sometimes she asked for a butterfly,puppy, giraffe etc.

It's fairy in the middle of a shopping complex!

This time - it's a ladybug bracelet

Close-up, can be worn as a bracelet..hehe
We didn't got the chance to go for the Cupcake Decorations since it clashes with our pre-booked library activity. Besides, we're unsure about the cupcake ingredients, so it's best to just omit that activity too.

Will story about the library activity next time insyaAllah! =)

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