Saturday, April 14, 2012

School Holiday Activity 1: Baking Session

Maryam got a new baking set for kids during her last birthday celebration at home. She kept on begging me to bake cupcakes and ginger breadman since the baking set does includes a mini recipe book of those recipes. I've to politely refuse her request since I've just baked 2 cakes last Friday! Penat pun tak habis lagi..huhu

But I couldn't bear her second request last Wednesday. Since most of the ingredients are ready at home, off we turned on the oven for the baking session together. This time around is to bake vanilla cupcake! And now, she's ready to start baking...

Full attire.. checked!

Mixing the ingredients well

Stir to ensure all are mixed well, including the base using the spatula

Close up..

Now, ready to put in the oven! Yeay!

Complete with the pink buttercream icing. Nyum nyum!

One for me!

Now, 11 left!
Alhamdulillah we're glad to had our relatives to our cosy home that night. If not, am not sure how long would it take just to finish off the cupcakes. Hubby doesn't really into desserts unless there's cheese as one of the ingredients. Maryam pun berapa banyak sangat mampu dia makan. So, it will end up I'm the one who will eat it the most sebab tak sampai hati tengok terbuang dan membazir. That's why I prefer to bake anything that I feel like eating when weekend comes, so that I can bring some for our friends for any weekend gathering.

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