Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Salmon oh Salmon..

It's a lucky day Alhamdulillah!

Other people went for beach fishing in Albany, successfully caught more than 10 giant fishes!
Alhamdulillah, rezeki sungguh kami dapat merasa! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah!


Salmon is a great and considered as healthy food due to the fish's high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids and also high vitamin D content (wiki). That's why it is quite expensive in the market. The last time we saw in the seafood market is about $30/kg! Pheww!

Approximately half of the fish.
Can u imagine the original size; the rice cooker is just for comparison =)

Due to its large size, I found it very difficult to cut it into small pieces. The middle bone is quite thick and have to use a small saw to cut it through. 

Cut to smaller pieces - 3 dishes

It has been succesfully divided into 3 packets; which means I need to think of 3 different salmon dishes! Hoho..

Not thinking of cooking the salmon in curry or normal fish dish, so I'll update on the menu later insyaAllah =)

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