Friday, April 27, 2012

Makan-makan Perth: Batavia Corner Restaurant

At the corner of Albany Highway and Dane Street, is where this simple Indonesian restaurant is located. We normally passed by this reastaurant whenever we go to any other halal restaurants along the highway. Not aware of it's Halal until it's being recommended by our friend of us.

So, we went there for a try. hehe..

Menu..many options to choose from- chickens, beef, lamb, seafood and also duck!

Maryam and the Halal logo in front of the door

This time we ordered oxtail soup, fish rica rica with steamed rice. Looks simple but it's worth trying. Price? One meal costs about $10-$15 depending on what you order. Maryam ate a lot because she really loves soup!

Lunch for the day! Alhamdulillah