Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Summer Event for 20121

As I flipped through the local newspaper, I've come across this poster. So I think why don't we go and spend for at least an hour or two to see what activities are they offering, and the most important thing is just to cheer the 4 year old Maryam! Why worry, as it is FREE! I love everything that is free..hehe =D

The poster advert in the local paper

Nothing much that I can think of the activities that they will have based on the advert. So, I was a bit of undecided whether to go or not actually. Kang tak pasal-pasal buang masa la pula kalau takda aktiviti yang best. Huhu..

But hubby said, just go and have fun. And yes, we did!

She got the chance to play the mini golf! First time for her - she got 9 holes to complete in a round!hehe..

Trying her best to ensure the ball goes into the hole

Yes! I did it!

Had a donkey ride..

And also experience to use the water hose with a fire fighter!

Looks like the young man is having more fun than her!

Whoosh whoosh

And also she got to do some painting..

Painting a car

She had a great time there Alhamdulillah although it doesn't feel like summer as the heat has gone away gradually now. It's started to rain daily now..Autumn and winter is comingggg! =)

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