Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday celebration @ Kindy!

Her 4th birthday was celebrated a day earlier at school. Alhamdulillah. Hers was the first birthday celebration for the year in class and also her first ever celebration at school. Great experience and a memorable day for her insyaAllah. Oh yes, we planned a day in advance since her birthday falls on Wednesday, which is not a school day for her. =)

Made a special birthday cake for her. She requested for a Disney birthday cake. A minnie mouse to be exact. What I can only think of is just to buy an edible image and just put in on top of the cake. Yup, I'm not that expert enough to make on my own. So, I browse online to find the most suitable edible image for the cake. Found one which is based in Perth and have been emailing them for the ingredients. Nothing to be worry of based on the ingredient given. I bought 2 of the same image as we're planning to hold another birthday party at home. But, unfortunately when I received the items, the ingredient shown in the packaging is totally different from what I got in the email!!!!! That emulfisier E471 and E475 areeeeeeeee there!

I was a bit stress at that time. Huhu. Not much time to buy another one, since I only found that on Saturday and the party is going to be held on Tuesday morning! Pftdththd! hehe..So, I told myself that, I have to try and do it myself. Of course, I don't want to dissapoint her. Big task for me! Googling here, youtubing there, imagining of this and that, and this is the end product! Alhamdulillah!!

Arrived at the school at about 11 in the morning during her fruit time.

Look at her excited face!

After receiving a slice of cake each, of they went to eat it outside near the playground. I also bought a container of egg sandwiches to the kids. Alhamdulillah, they all loved it and eat it until finished!

Eating cakes and sandwiches with friends


Tried to put all those healthy food and things in the goodie bag since the school is promoting the Healthy Eating Scheme, which means no junk food, lollies etc. So, this was what we decided to put in the goodie bag. Alhamdulillah =)

The goodie bag
Yup, it's apam senyum or apam merekah! My first try but using the lemonade instead of aiskrim soda. None that we found here unfortunately. Hehe..but Alhamdulillah, it still taste goooood! =D

Just love the combination colour

Maybe most of them haven't tasted it before, one of the kids thought that it was a playdoh! LOL!

The teachers decided to distribute all the goodie bags at the end of the day. ALhamdulillah, good strategy that was! And I heard her friend said, "This is the best birthday party ever!" Hehhe...that was lovely!

Distributing the goodie bags

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  1. cantiknye kaler apamsenyum tuh..nice2!!!..mesti maryam suka mazia buatkn kek comey!! kein pun nk watkkn tuk adam nyer bday nnt insya allah..ehehhehe happy belated bday gurl!