Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh roti canai!

I didn't had the chance to eat this during our last visit to Malaysia. Oh man!'s not that I forgot about them. But, that very morning when I was in Taman Tun, the parking was definitely a no no in the morning. So I ended up buying nasi lemak instead! huhu..

Nasiblah ada pengganti yang tak seberapa serupa. But Alhamdulillah, the taste wasn't that bad at all, rupa pun seiras plus the free curry dhal! Yeay! Normally people abroad prefer the Kawanku brand, so far we tried and bought the Lazat Roti Canai since it's cheaper which is less than $2 for 5 pcs. Some oriental sells it at $1.99 while the one nearby only sells it at $1.70! hehe..

The red cover, with certified Halal

With additional ingredient, now it's Roti Canai Telur!


Oh yes, we didn't eat this roti canai everyday for breakfast. High calorie! Hehe..once in a while takpe la kan =) At least lepaslah tekak yang teringin nak makan.


  1. Wah!! Jenama Lazat tu sampai jugak kat Perth ya..[^_^]

  2. Yup, Alhamdulillah! Biasa jumpa eh Lazat ni kat sana?