Saturday, March 24, 2012

Makan-makan Perth: O'Mama Kopitiam

Sometimes we come here just to had our dinner or lunch. Oh yes, we also had the yummy Gelare here as previous post. It is located at Waterford Plaza, Karawara; about 8-9km from our cosy home.

This time around was to try the O'Mama Kopitiam, just opposite the Gelare. The restaurant looks simple with few lights and Chinese tanglong decoration in front of the counter. Plus the marble tables and chairs, reminds me of the tradition of Baba & Nyonya of Melaka. Oh yes, we've been told that the restaurant itself is owned by a Malaysian Melaka Baba Nyonya.

Not many people at this hour, maybe it's a bit late~~nearly close.

Waiting patiently for the food to arrive

There is a promotional offer going on, where you can get a nasi lemak with a chicken side dish for only $4.80! I think that's cheap enough as the cheapest meal that I normally can get is $5.50-$6.00. The offer starts from lunch I think until it's sold out. And obviously it is not available at night - I think it's being sold out before the afternoon comes! Will try it one day insyaAllah, the photo looks tempting!

Definitely not this photo, the front poster facing outside. Forgot to snap a photo of it. Sorry!

We ordered Horfun in egg sauce and Claypot Loh Shud Fun/Udon. Price range is between $14-$20 per dish, which I find it a bit pricey. But I guess the Horfun is fair enough with the large dish being served as below, while the claypot is just a normal fried noodles. I think they just fry the noodles and served it using the claypot. The noodles doesn't look like being cook directly in the claypot. Haihh..and for the small claypot which costs us $13.50, it is definitely expensive.

From left to right: Horfun in egg sauce and claypot

Close-up photo of Horfun in Egg Sauce.

This is the Claypot Loh Shud Fun
Overall, the restaurant isn't that bad at all, just average. The service was a bit poor- you have to wait quite a long time although there were not that busy. I can't imagine if we came during peak hours.

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