Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makan-makan Perth: Nyummy Gelare!

At last we managed to find the time to taste it ourselves. Kind of jealous to see other Perthians uploaded their photo enjoying their time at Gelare on fb. At first, we're kind of asking - what's sooo special with Gelare? From what we know, it's just a waffle with ice-cream. Is that something special? Kat kedai kat Giant biasa je beli..huhu..

We went to their branch in Waterford Plaza. First impression, it's just a normal ice-cream shop. Not that special I guess, based on the number of customers in the shop - almost empty! Oh well, maybe it's a bit late as we arrived nearly 8.30pm. So, this is what we ordered.

Large waffle & a scoop of Cheesecake ice-cream
 The taste?

Alhamdulillah, great! Nyummy! Hehe..of course macam tak cukup je nak share 3 of us. But, okay je sebab makan banyak rasa muak! Hehe..

Malu-malu nak cuba rasa

I guess it's a bit pricy kot? But, that isn't fair if to compare with waffle in Giant as we never had experience eating waffle at The Waffle World, 1Utama. So, I think the price is okay. It's $8 for a large waffle + creams in each part + syrup. The ice-cream costs additional $3.50/scoop and $2.80 for the 2nd scoop.

You know what, no wonder there were not many people on that day. It's because there are having 50% off for all waffle on Tuesday! We missed that offer since it's Wednesday!Hehe..So, next time to eat will be on Tuesday insyaAllah!hehe..

For more information on Gelare, feel free to visit their website here. I think there's one branch in Mutiara Damansara. Go and try it yourself! =)

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