Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jalan-jalan Perth: William Street Festival!

Last Saturday, my dear husband got a text message inviting us to drop a visit to Maryam's school PFA (Parents, Friends Association) stall during William's St Festival. Since we've no plan that Sunday morning, we took the opportunity to spend our weekend in the city. Alhamdulillah! Another train ride for Maryam! Yeay!

Quite surprisingly to see that the train were quite full on Sunday. Wondering if everybody was heading there as well? We took the 11am train from Thornlie, and arrived about half an hour later at the Perth central station.

The banner ~~ William St Festival

Excited to ride the train again =D
Coincidently that there was a movie preview going on in front of the Art & Culture Centre. I think it's Monster's Inc. Look at the red comfy sofa!
The movie preview, comfy! ~~

Me & Maryam

The festival was held along the William St. There were many stalls selling variety of things; from food to clothes and anything that you can think of! We headed straight to stall. And they were selling Turkish food and it was yummy! We had Kofta with salads and some drinks. Kofta is more or less like a kebab. The only difference is that the meat is shaped like a small oval burger instead of being sliced like what we had in a kebab.

They prepared everything from scratch there in the stall. From the preparation of the pita bread itself, baked it in the oven to the final preparation with salads. I think that is the main attraction where we as customers know that everything is homemade and healthy insyaAllah.

The hardworking ladies at the back of the stall

Too hot to capture the inside bit of the Kofta. Sorry mate!

Other foods available for sale. Turkish Gozleme =)

The front stall

The weather was quite hot that day. After had our simple and quick lunch of Kofta, we quickly headed back home. That morning I asked hubby on did they (train security) make a ticket check since I didn't see any people checking on tickets on the entrance. People seems to walk and go passing by the entrance; either you touch on the entrance pad using the smart rider or just walk pass the ticket entrance like what I did. Nobody were checking on it. Macam senang je orang nak tipu kan?

Elok je tanya, on our way returning journey, datanglah 2 orang ni..

The security checking on the ticket.
For those paying with tickets like myself, I just show the tickets which needed to kept during the ride-not to be thrown away ya. For those paying with Smart Rider (ala-ala touch-n-go), they use a special tool to check on it. I thought of do Malaysia can apply the same thing - nobody checking on the entrance etc. Do you think we can apply that in Malaysia? Oh yes, ingatkan semuanya honest la kan - ada tiket or using the Smart Rider. Rupa-rupanya ada juga 2 orang yang kantoi. Kena saman dan berhenti kat the next station..huhu

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