Monday, March 19, 2012

It's now OPEN!

Excited to see the balloons!

We can now shop for groceries in Woolworths often! Yeay! Since it's now nearer to us - as before this, the nearest was in Amherst Road. So now, it's in Forest Lakes! We prefer Woolies nowadays instead of Coles to get the Caltex fuel discount coupons.

We noticed that the current fuel price is quite expensive, which is between 140c-152c. As I previously mentioned in my earlier post here, we can check for the fuel price as it fluctuates daily. From our observation, the cheapest fuel price nearby is always Caltex. So, to get cheaper fuel price per litre in Caltex, you need to shop at Woolies. Hehe..Oh yes, we're not shopping just for the sake of the 4c fuel discount coupon ya..hehe..Dah alang-alang shopping for groceries, seluklah pekasam sekali which is the fuel discount coupon, ye tak? Although the discount might not big for some of you, it's better to benefit it while you can =)

So, for those staying nearby, why not try have a look at the new Woolies @ Forest Lakes Shopping, you might want to enjoy the special discount that they are offering in this 2 weeks time. Enjoy your day!

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