Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After nearly 3 months...

Last Thursday was her first ever visit to the library for story-telling this year. It's almost 3 months since she started her Kindy. Since her Kindy days are only on Monday and Tuesday, we actually plan to still proceed with the library story telling routine on Wednesday and Thursday. But, we've a transportation problem for the past months, we may need to KIV the plan first until problem resolved soon insyaAllah.

We still had the chance to meet all those familiar faces of friends during the session and of course some new friends. Same songs, same activities, same story-teller and of course, different stories each week =) Hoping that Maryam can develop her social skills; interacting with her multiracial and cultural friends, improving the ability to share things etc insyaAllah.

Maryam in action!

Colouring time

Don't forget to write names on the back

Finally, collect stickers as a reward!

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