Thursday, March 1, 2012

29th February 2012

It's Leap Day!

And many of us were talking about it yesterday, be it on FB or in the blogpost.

Maryam and I went to her school on that day for her first ever class photo session! Yeay! hehe..

I think most parents like myself were overexcited than the children..hehe.. The photo session was supposed to be a combination of both two Kindy groups ie Group 1 (Monday & Tuesday class) and Group 2 (Thursday & Friday). However, since Wednesday is not a Kindy school day, the children that came was about half of them ie 10 students. But mind you, although the number may be little, the teacher and the photographer still had a difficult time to arrange and allocating them in order to ensure all students looked at the camera! hehe..Mana taknya, bila seorang start main lari-lari, cikgu seorang pun kejar. Belum sempat dapat tangkap yang lari tadi, yang lain dah mula buat hal masing-masing! hehe

Doing some activities while waiting for other students to come

in class

sempat memanjat sambil beratur..

Queueing waiting for the Pre-Primary session to finish
She then had her individual photo session in the library. We then finished at about 10 in the morning. I'll post some of the photos later insyaAllah when it's ready. Can't wait! hehe..

And oh yes, one of the things that people were looking for was that is there any of their friends had birthday yesterday..hehe..And to my surprised, I had one!! Yeay! haha..She's a junior of mine during my A-Levels. So, she's 28th this year. And this year marked her 7th birthday!heheh.. Happy birthday to you Farhana Hamid!

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