Saturday, March 31, 2012

And now...he's turn!

Happy birthday my love!

We love you soooooooooo much!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She's 4!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

She's 4 today.

Moga Allah permudahkan urusan kami dalam membesarkannya dengan kasih sayang, mendidiknya dengan seimbang antara ilmu akhirat & dunia serta menjadi anak solehah yang cemerlang and terbilang dunia wal akhirat insyaAllah.

Ameen. Ameen. Ameen

Ummi and Ayah LOVE you sayang!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ingin menjadi Bidadari Dunia?

Saya ingin menjadi bidadari dunia and akhirat insyaAllah. Jom berusaha ke arahnya & moga Allah permudahkan urusan kita semua insyaAllah =)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Makan-makan Perth: O'Mama Kopitiam

Sometimes we come here just to had our dinner or lunch. Oh yes, we also had the yummy Gelare here as previous post. It is located at Waterford Plaza, Karawara; about 8-9km from our cosy home.

This time around was to try the O'Mama Kopitiam, just opposite the Gelare. The restaurant looks simple with few lights and Chinese tanglong decoration in front of the counter. Plus the marble tables and chairs, reminds me of the tradition of Baba & Nyonya of Melaka. Oh yes, we've been told that the restaurant itself is owned by a Malaysian Melaka Baba Nyonya.

Not many people at this hour, maybe it's a bit late~~nearly close.

Waiting patiently for the food to arrive

There is a promotional offer going on, where you can get a nasi lemak with a chicken side dish for only $4.80! I think that's cheap enough as the cheapest meal that I normally can get is $5.50-$6.00. The offer starts from lunch I think until it's sold out. And obviously it is not available at night - I think it's being sold out before the afternoon comes! Will try it one day insyaAllah, the photo looks tempting!

Definitely not this photo, the front poster facing outside. Forgot to snap a photo of it. Sorry!

We ordered Horfun in egg sauce and Claypot Loh Shud Fun/Udon. Price range is between $14-$20 per dish, which I find it a bit pricey. But I guess the Horfun is fair enough with the large dish being served as below, while the claypot is just a normal fried noodles. I think they just fry the noodles and served it using the claypot. The noodles doesn't look like being cook directly in the claypot. Haihh..and for the small claypot which costs us $13.50, it is definitely expensive.

From left to right: Horfun in egg sauce and claypot

Close-up photo of Horfun in Egg Sauce.

This is the Claypot Loh Shud Fun
Overall, the restaurant isn't that bad at all, just average. The service was a bit poor- you have to wait quite a long time although there were not that busy. I can't imagine if we came during peak hours.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Broccoli = Tree ?

Broccoli. Sumber: Google
Suatu hari dalam kereta, dalam perjalanan membeli barang dapur.

Maryam: Ummi, broccoli tu macam sama kan dengan trees?
Ummi     : Hah? sama ke? (dengan gaya terkejut sebab tiba-tiba je keluar soalan cam tu)
Maryam: Ye la, kan sama. sama kan?
Ummi     : Hmm..kalau sama, bolehlah kita makan trees macam tu..
Maryam: Eh, tak boleh..mana boleh makan trees..
Ummi     : Kenapa pula tak boleh? Kita kan boleh makan broccoli, so kalau sama, bolehlah kita makan trees..
Maryam : Iya..sama. Tapi broccoli tu vegetables, mana sama dengan trees..
Ummi      : (Pulak dah, tak sama pula..huhu) Kalau macam tu, apa yang samanya broccoli dengan trees?
Maryam: Broccoli kan ada branches..Trees pun ada branches juga.
Ummi      :, bolehlah kita cuba makan trees pula nanti
Maryam: Hehe..mana boleh. Branches kat trees kan keras, warna brown tapi broccoli branches nya warna green, lembut je boleh makan. Trees tu pon besar juga, ada log. Haa..kita boleh makan grass kan?
Ummi     : Ha? nak makan grass ke? Kita mana boleh makan grass.
Maryam: Eh, aritu Opah ada masak grass la..
Ummi      : Opah masak grass? Bila pula la Opah masak grass nya?
Maryam: Ada...aritu Opah keluar pergi kat garden ambil grass pastu masuk dalam lauk..
Ummi     : Huhu..tu bukan grass la sayang. Tu mungkin daun limau purut ke daun kunyit..
Maryam: Oh..daun ke..ingatkan grass..
Ummi    : (huhu)
Ayah      : (Senyum je dengar bebelan anaknya..)

*Sorry atas kecelaruan bahasa. Rojak BM dan English*

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jalan-jalan Perth: William Street Festival!

Last Saturday, my dear husband got a text message inviting us to drop a visit to Maryam's school PFA (Parents, Friends Association) stall during William's St Festival. Since we've no plan that Sunday morning, we took the opportunity to spend our weekend in the city. Alhamdulillah! Another train ride for Maryam! Yeay!

Quite surprisingly to see that the train were quite full on Sunday. Wondering if everybody was heading there as well? We took the 11am train from Thornlie, and arrived about half an hour later at the Perth central station.

The banner ~~ William St Festival

Excited to ride the train again =D
Coincidently that there was a movie preview going on in front of the Art & Culture Centre. I think it's Monster's Inc. Look at the red comfy sofa!
The movie preview, comfy! ~~

Me & Maryam

The festival was held along the William St. There were many stalls selling variety of things; from food to clothes and anything that you can think of! We headed straight to stall. And they were selling Turkish food and it was yummy! We had Kofta with salads and some drinks. Kofta is more or less like a kebab. The only difference is that the meat is shaped like a small oval burger instead of being sliced like what we had in a kebab.

They prepared everything from scratch there in the stall. From the preparation of the pita bread itself, baked it in the oven to the final preparation with salads. I think that is the main attraction where we as customers know that everything is homemade and healthy insyaAllah.

The hardworking ladies at the back of the stall

Too hot to capture the inside bit of the Kofta. Sorry mate!

Other foods available for sale. Turkish Gozleme =)

The front stall

The weather was quite hot that day. After had our simple and quick lunch of Kofta, we quickly headed back home. That morning I asked hubby on did they (train security) make a ticket check since I didn't see any people checking on tickets on the entrance. People seems to walk and go passing by the entrance; either you touch on the entrance pad using the smart rider or just walk pass the ticket entrance like what I did. Nobody were checking on it. Macam senang je orang nak tipu kan?

Elok je tanya, on our way returning journey, datanglah 2 orang ni..

The security checking on the ticket.
For those paying with tickets like myself, I just show the tickets which needed to kept during the ride-not to be thrown away ya. For those paying with Smart Rider (ala-ala touch-n-go), they use a special tool to check on it. I thought of do Malaysia can apply the same thing - nobody checking on the entrance etc. Do you think we can apply that in Malaysia? Oh yes, ingatkan semuanya honest la kan - ada tiket or using the Smart Rider. Rupa-rupanya ada juga 2 orang yang kantoi. Kena saman dan berhenti kat the next station..huhu

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After nearly 3 months...

Last Thursday was her first ever visit to the library for story-telling this year. It's almost 3 months since she started her Kindy. Since her Kindy days are only on Monday and Tuesday, we actually plan to still proceed with the library story telling routine on Wednesday and Thursday. But, we've a transportation problem for the past months, we may need to KIV the plan first until problem resolved soon insyaAllah.

We still had the chance to meet all those familiar faces of friends during the session and of course some new friends. Same songs, same activities, same story-teller and of course, different stories each week =) Hoping that Maryam can develop her social skills; interacting with her multiracial and cultural friends, improving the ability to share things etc insyaAllah.

Maryam in action!

Colouring time

Don't forget to write names on the back

Finally, collect stickers as a reward!

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's now OPEN!

Excited to see the balloons!

We can now shop for groceries in Woolworths often! Yeay! Since it's now nearer to us - as before this, the nearest was in Amherst Road. So now, it's in Forest Lakes! We prefer Woolies nowadays instead of Coles to get the Caltex fuel discount coupons.

We noticed that the current fuel price is quite expensive, which is between 140c-152c. As I previously mentioned in my earlier post here, we can check for the fuel price as it fluctuates daily. From our observation, the cheapest fuel price nearby is always Caltex. So, to get cheaper fuel price per litre in Caltex, you need to shop at Woolies. Hehe..Oh yes, we're not shopping just for the sake of the 4c fuel discount coupon ya..hehe..Dah alang-alang shopping for groceries, seluklah pekasam sekali which is the fuel discount coupon, ye tak? Although the discount might not big for some of you, it's better to benefit it while you can =)

So, for those staying nearby, why not try have a look at the new Woolies @ Forest Lakes Shopping, you might want to enjoy the special discount that they are offering in this 2 weeks time. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makan-makan Perth: Nyummy Gelare!

At last we managed to find the time to taste it ourselves. Kind of jealous to see other Perthians uploaded their photo enjoying their time at Gelare on fb. At first, we're kind of asking - what's sooo special with Gelare? From what we know, it's just a waffle with ice-cream. Is that something special? Kat kedai kat Giant biasa je beli..huhu..

We went to their branch in Waterford Plaza. First impression, it's just a normal ice-cream shop. Not that special I guess, based on the number of customers in the shop - almost empty! Oh well, maybe it's a bit late as we arrived nearly 8.30pm. So, this is what we ordered.

Large waffle & a scoop of Cheesecake ice-cream
 The taste?

Alhamdulillah, great! Nyummy! Hehe..of course macam tak cukup je nak share 3 of us. But, okay je sebab makan banyak rasa muak! Hehe..

Malu-malu nak cuba rasa

I guess it's a bit pricy kot? But, that isn't fair if to compare with waffle in Giant as we never had experience eating waffle at The Waffle World, 1Utama. So, I think the price is okay. It's $8 for a large waffle + creams in each part + syrup. The ice-cream costs additional $3.50/scoop and $2.80 for the 2nd scoop.

You know what, no wonder there were not many people on that day. It's because there are having 50% off for all waffle on Tuesday! We missed that offer since it's Wednesday!Hehe..So, next time to eat will be on Tuesday insyaAllah!hehe..

For more information on Gelare, feel free to visit their website here. I think there's one branch in Mutiara Damansara. Go and try it yourself! =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh roti canai!

I didn't had the chance to eat this during our last visit to Malaysia. Oh man!'s not that I forgot about them. But, that very morning when I was in Taman Tun, the parking was definitely a no no in the morning. So I ended up buying nasi lemak instead! huhu..

Nasiblah ada pengganti yang tak seberapa serupa. But Alhamdulillah, the taste wasn't that bad at all, rupa pun seiras plus the free curry dhal! Yeay! Normally people abroad prefer the Kawanku brand, so far we tried and bought the Lazat Roti Canai since it's cheaper which is less than $2 for 5 pcs. Some oriental sells it at $1.99 while the one nearby only sells it at $1.70! hehe..

The red cover, with certified Halal

With additional ingredient, now it's Roti Canai Telur!


Oh yes, we didn't eat this roti canai everyday for breakfast. High calorie! Hehe..once in a while takpe la kan =) At least lepaslah tekak yang teringin nak makan.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sharing is caring II =)

Peringatan untuk diri sendiri, yang kadangkala alpa dengan kebiasaan bi'ah sekeliling. Moga Allah sentiasa pelihara dan merahmati kita semua, insyaAllah. Ameen.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

29th February 2012

It's Leap Day!

And many of us were talking about it yesterday, be it on FB or in the blogpost.

Maryam and I went to her school on that day for her first ever class photo session! Yeay! hehe..

I think most parents like myself were overexcited than the children..hehe.. The photo session was supposed to be a combination of both two Kindy groups ie Group 1 (Monday & Tuesday class) and Group 2 (Thursday & Friday). However, since Wednesday is not a Kindy school day, the children that came was about half of them ie 10 students. But mind you, although the number may be little, the teacher and the photographer still had a difficult time to arrange and allocating them in order to ensure all students looked at the camera! hehe..Mana taknya, bila seorang start main lari-lari, cikgu seorang pun kejar. Belum sempat dapat tangkap yang lari tadi, yang lain dah mula buat hal masing-masing! hehe

Doing some activities while waiting for other students to come

in class

sempat memanjat sambil beratur..

Queueing waiting for the Pre-Primary session to finish
She then had her individual photo session in the library. We then finished at about 10 in the morning. I'll post some of the photos later insyaAllah when it's ready. Can't wait! hehe..

And oh yes, one of the things that people were looking for was that is there any of their friends had birthday yesterday..hehe..And to my surprised, I had one!! Yeay! haha..She's a junior of mine during my A-Levels. So, she's 28th this year. And this year marked her 7th birthday!heheh.. Happy birthday to you Farhana Hamid!