Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2nd visit..

Alhamdulillah, just came back from our second visit to Malaysia within a year here =)

This time it was longer than the first one, but definitely a week holiday in Malaysia wasn't enough to cater both families, especially when this time around it was for my sister's wedding. My family was extremely busy from the day we arrived until the day we left. Quite frusted since I couldn't help much since we arrived the noon on the nikah day itself! Fortunately the nikah event was at night, but the few hours before that was very busy with preparations and tired because of the 5 hours flight journey.

Since I realised, I couldn't get the chance to help before the event, I decided to make something for the event. So I baked 2 large rectangle size of Red Velvet for the dessert during nikah. That was my first time baking it, but Alhamdulillah, it turned really well and taste good! Sampai most of family members tak sempat nak merasa! huhuh..pity them sebab tak sempat to bake another batch while in Malaysia.

Maryam and I did a list of foods-to-eat before we headed home. hehe..Don't be surprised that most of them came from her idea! hehe..Selera besar jugak Maryam ni! hehe..But Allah planned is the greatest of all. On my way home, suddenly my left wisdom tooth started to swollen. Cakap pun ibarat lidah terpendek sebelah! I decided to take it off and now it's gone! The wisdom tooth, the pain and obviously the money. It costs me RM600 just to take that one tooth out! huhu..

All in all, the visit this time was great. Managed to settle most of the things that we planned for. Managed to visit few of our friends, cuma quite frustated didn't have the time to visit the newly-wed close friend, Huda and Azila. InsyaAllah, next time we'll set the time once we booked the flight ticket ya? hehe...

The happiest was Maryam, definitely. She spent most of the time with her cousin, Rayyan. She said that Rayyan is her little sister, not her cousin. And it was hard for them to say goodbye. Rayyan, 19 months little girl can feel that we're going away from her again. She cried and screamed really loud at the airport when we headed to the departure gate. I couldn't hold the tears when I see that. The same goes with Maryam. Pity her, she cried all the way until she felt asleep on plane..until we safely arrived in Perth. Alhamdulillah.

Today, back to the reality. Husband at work, while Maryam at school.

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