Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Number 5

I keep on wondering on what is so special with number 5. Is this number is a very special number to most of the people out there?



Not sure?

Am not sure either..

Why am I asking this question?

I noticed that everyday, the traffic shows people dropped by after googling for them. It's either "number 5", "5 number", "the number 5" and many others with that "5". Hehe..For last month only, there were 300 hits by that keywords, which is on average of 10/day. I know, that is such a small number if to compare with others.

I know, I know..that's good that people always come and increase the traffic but that keeps me wondering again and again. At first, I thought that must be the title of a new movie. But, not that I found. Or maybe am the one whom are not aware of that?

Care to shed some lights of why and what is so special with this number 5?

p/s: Oh yes, one of the reasons is that- that's Maryam's favourite number!

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