Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maryam VS Rayyan

I once told my hubby that, when we're back in Malaysia, don't get too excited as our parents/family were actually looking forward to see the little Maryam, and not us. Oh, please..don't get me wrong. Ya lah kan, atuk dan nenek la yang paling excited jumpa cucunda. Anak dah jatuh nombor dua..hehe..

And for us, besides parents, we're looking forward to see our little niece, Rayyan. The only one at the moment. She was 10months old, still crawling etc when we left for Aussie. Now she's 15months and she can walks and runs...hehe. Definitely we can't wait to see how do they (Maryam &  Rayyan) play and interact together. hehe..Although we can roughly guess how aggressive Rayyan is when we used to facetime most of the time, but it wouldn't be the same in real moment..

Maryam wants to have the same outfit as Rayyan, so I bought the same for her both =)

Favourite: Yogurt Drink!

Bukan senang nak dapat both of them to smile to the camera!

Sometimes, they were playing together; take turns and share the toys. Tapi...bila datang anginnya, masing-masing mula lah menunjukkan belang, tak mahu share dan berebut sahaja.
It will end up, either of them crying or both crying at the same time.

Rayyan mula minta toys, nak main..Maryam tak mahu share..Rayyan masih bersabar..

"Oh, tak mahu bagi ya...ha, rasakan.." Agaknya itulah bisikan hati Rayyan..sambil menarik rambut si kakak...

Tapi...bila datang mood yang tersangat baik buat kedua-duanya, kita yang tengok pun cairrrrrrr.....
Rayyan menyuap kakak Maryam makan roti  =)

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