Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maryam Balik Kampung

We had the chance to balik kampung!! Yeay!! Alhamdulillah =)

Although it was just a short trip back to our country, less than a week, but that was great opportunity to recharge and lepaskan rindu untuk closest family. Alhamdulillah. May Allah gives us such opportunity again in the future. Ameen.

Since last Friday is a public holiday here in Perth and it was a long weekend, we took this opportunity to fly back to Malaysia. What? Just for 3 days? Are we crazy? It's hubby that went back over the weekend, since he still new and couldn't apply for annual leave. But, me & Maryam went back earlier on Tuesday. So more time for us two in Malaysia. Maklumlah, I travel with a VVIP for both families, so 3 days over the weekend memanglah tak cukup for the families to manja2 with the VVIP (Read: Maryam)

Maryam @ the airport

Checking for the airplane, has it arrived yet? The time was 4.30am.

Yup, here it is. Time: 5.30am! Cerah bagai pukul 8 or 9 am!

Otw to the plane

On her seat, the plane was still empty since we had the opportunity to board first; again..sebab bawa VVIP =P

Us before take-off
Our flight was scheduled at 6.50am, but it was delayed about an hour due to traffic congestion. So memang boring betul duduk dalam plane yang tak bergerak. Maryam tak habis-habis tanya, bilalah nak fly ni...So, when we actually take-off, she was asleep! hehe...Mengantuklah sebab terpaksa bangun about 3am that day.

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