Monday, November 21, 2011

Makan-makan: It's Nandos time!!

Got the chance to had dinner here at Nando's Beechboro, WA. It's the longest journey ever for us just to eat our dinner..hehe..It's nearly 40mins from our home, using 3 different highways! For your info, this is the only Nando's branch that is certified halal as it doesn't offer any pork or bacon meal. The rest of the branches, on the other hand still sells Halal chicken- where they will cook separately from the bacon in the front stove.

Everything is FREE is the BEST! Hehe..

Their promise..

Waiting for the meal..

Tadaaa! It's a whole chicken with fries and a 1.25l Coke at AUD21.95!
Full address:
17-18 Centro Altone Park
Cnr Altone Road & Hull Way
Beechboro WA6063
 (08) 9378 3231

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  1. I always give a little jump for joy when I discover a halal restaurant abroad that I fancy! hehehe :D

    btw, just relaunched my site! do drop by ok? :)