Friday, November 18, 2011

Arts & Craft Session: Binocular

Maryam with her new binocular!

It's so easy to make a binocular. We do not have to buy anything, as most of them are recycled items. What you need are:-

2 empty toilet paper roll
recycle catalog or gift wrapping paper:- cut into 2 rectangle sizes (as per the empty roll)
a string
glue & scissor

Step 1:
You need to wrap the empty toilet paper roll with a wrapping paper or recycled catalog. We just use the recycle catalog (known as junk mail here =) ). Just cut according to the size and glue it nicely

Step 2:
Make a small hole at the end corner of each roll, for the string. You can either use a pen or a needle (with adult supervision of course).

Step 3:
Cut a small rectangle using the same wrapper/catalog. The tricky part is that you need to glue it in the middle of both rolls, ie to join both rolls. Don't forget that you need to adjust the length so that it will nicely fit both eyes.

Step 4:
Put the strings and tie it at both ends. The length should be just nice to fit across the neck. Be sure not the short or too long for your child.

Step 5:
You're done! A homemade binocular is now ready to be used! Enjoy!

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