Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you joking?

Heard of this sometime ago. And again this morning while I was reading a parenting book, such a good reminder for myself (or maybe to some of you). Thought of sharing it here for the benefits of us insyaALlah.
Abu Daud dan Al Baihaqi meriwayatkan daripada Abdullah bin Amir r.a. katanya:-

"Ibuku memanggilku suatu hari, sedang Rasulullah SAW berada di rumah kami. Ujar ibuku "Hey, mari ke mari, aku hendak memberi kau sesuatu!" Maka Rasulullah SAW bertanya kepada ibuku,"Apakah yang ingin engkau berikan kepadanya?" Ibuku menjawab;" Saya ingin memberikannya kurma". Maka RAsulullah SAW bersabda," Andaikata engkau tidak memberinya sesuatu, nescaya akan dicatitkan ke atasmu suatu dusta"

Ahmad dan Ibnu Abid-Dunya telah meriwayatkan daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. daripada Rasulullah SAW yang bersabda:-

"Barangsiapa berkata kepada seorang anak, mari.....ini! Kemudian dia tidak memberinya sesuatu, maka itu adalah suatu dusta"

Such a great reminder about lying while joking although to small kids. Sometimes we didn't even notice about it especially when we're playing with kids or babies. Offering them something that might interests them to come to us but there's nothing to offer actually!

"Sayang..sayang..mari kat Aunty. Meh tengok, Aunty ada Minnie Mouse...Best!..." Tapi once the baby datang, ah..dapat dia...terus dukung..oh di manakah Minnie Mouse tadi?" Contoh semata, tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia..

Other hadith on these issues; credit to this site

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Shame on him who tells lies in order to make people laugh! Shame on him! Shame on him!” [Abu Dawud]
We can say without doubt that lying is one of the most evil characteristics, against which all religions and systems of ethics warn, and which man's innate common sense (Fitrah) also recognizes as wrong. However, many people do not take seriously telling lies when they are joking. Lying is not permissible whether the one doing it is joking or serious. Practical jokes are another form of lying.

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “I joke, but I speak nothing but the truth.” [Tabarani]

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