Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Holidays Activities

Normally we spent two days a week for a story telling session during school term. This activity is for those children up to 4 years old, I guess. But, during the school holidays, these preshoolers activities stop temporarily in order to cater those 5 years old and above. However, we still go to the library to borrow some books, puzzles and DVDs as usual.

During this period of time, some shopping centres offers great activities for the children. Those near our house are Thornlie Square and Forest Lakes Forum do organise such small event.

At Thornlie Square, they offer Mug Painting, Decorate-A-Cupcake, Balloon Twister and many other activities. The best part is that, it is FREE! hehehe....big smile =D We went for the Mug Painting last week, which was scheduled for three days starting Thursday from 11am-2pm. As per the poster advertisement, it already stated that "Be early to avoid dissappointment" So, we went there about 10.30am, and there were many kids around the activity area. It was a bit small event, which can only accommodate 9-10kids at a time, for about 20 minutes each. When we came for booking, the earlier session was fully booked and we can only start at 12 noon! So, we just walking around the complex just to kill the time. Lucky us that there was a cheap children book sales next to it. I believed you can guess what we did, aren't you? =)

Yesterday we went to the Forest Lakes Forum, where they had a huge bouncing castle in the middle of the complex. I could not hold Maryam from trying that although I've said that I cannot stand beside her. She's a brave little girl. =)

Since there were lots of kids queuing to try the bouncing castle, the supervisor only allow them a 5 minutes session each. If that's not enough (what? 5mins? do you think it's enough for kids? hehehe..), they can queue again, giving chance to those first timer. And mind you, they just don't mind queuing again. Kids being kids..=)

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