Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makan-makan: BuaSiam Thai Restaurant

Recommended by a friend of ours, we then decided to give it a try to this lovely restaurant. It is located in Langford Avenue, which is not far from our house. Since yesterday was their anniversary day, they offer discounts for all customers ie 15% to those take-away and 20% for those dining in.

There were many cars parked outside the restaurant, showing that the restaurant will be crowded. As expected, most of the tables were occupied. Alhamdulillah, hubby made a wise decision by making a reservation less than an hour earlier. So, we managed to get our seats =) I remember my friend of mine once said that when she came about a month ago, there were none except their family. I believed the discount offers must be the main attraction of why people grab the chance to come and taste it that night!

Once seated, we've been served with a plate of prawn crackers and plain water. Of course with a menu for each of us, including Maryam..hehe..Quite difficult to choose since we don't have anything in mind. So we ended up with Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce, Massaman beef curry and 2 steamed rice. Luckily we don't order those entree or soups as those were more than enough! Jenuh nak menghabiskan nasi dan lauk!

Us while waiting to be served

Alhamdulillah, great taste! Sedap and recommended! Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce; we thought that might be similar with Ikan Masak 3 Rasa in Malaysia. But, no-it's different. The sauce was sauce - not that spicy, sweet and I just loved the taste! The same with Massaman Beef Curry- a special Thai Curry, which is definitely different from those curry that I made at home! hehe...It is a mild curry seasoned with tamarind, palm sugar and coconut milk with potatoes and peanuts. 

Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce

Massaman Beef Curry

Would love to have another try insyaAllah. But not that often definitely as it is quite pricey. Once in a while would be okay.

Why don't you have it a try yourself?
Bua Siam Restaurant
Shop 19B Langford Village,
Langford Avenue, WA6147
089 935 666 68
042 328 3447

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