Friday, October 14, 2011

Jalan-jalan: Perth Royal Show 2011

Perth Royal Show this year was held between 1st to 8th October 2011, same venue like previous years ie. in Claremont. Alhamdulillah, we managed to spare our Saturday ie the final day of the show there =)

Just a little info for us, this is actually an annual show, which has started since 1834, known as 'Fair and Cattle Show'. After 12 years, the State of government then granted the RAS (Royal Agricultural Show) the bigger site in Claremont. The first show there was held in 1905. And of course, many had been done to accommodate the bigger crowd, recorded in 1997 as the year with most number of attendance, with more than 460 000 people! That is definitely a WOW! hehe.. For more info, you can read it here =) 

We started our journey as early as 7am as we thought it starts at 8am and to avoid the crowd definitely. We parked our car at train station and headed there by train. Took 2 different train, changed at Perth Station to Showground Station. Overall journey took us roughly about 40mins to an hour. Maryam had a great time as this is her first time taking a ride on train here in WA. My first experience too. Hehe..But once we arrived, all counter were still closed and will be only open at 9am. But people has started to queue at 8.40am just to make sure we're the first to enter! hehe..

Overall, I would say that it is a great family event. Alhamdulillah. This event is actually an iconic social and cultural event which showcases WA agriculture, small business and entertainment. Besides that, Malaysia too have participated where there's a large Malaysian Pavillion in promoting the agriculture, tradition and food in Malaysia.

Testing the pelamin

In front of Malaysia Pavillion
There were also many other events for those animal lovers, food lovers and also those thrill seekers. So now, let the photos do the talking =) Enjoy! =D

Pigeon & Poultry

Different type of pigeons

Hens, Cocks, Chickens & Roosters (Whatever you called them =P )
Happily stay in one cage-no matter whether you're from different family

Pat-an-animal as you wish
Dare to try this?

Many different types of sheeps
Maryam in action
We enjoyed ourselves there, although I think Maryam is still small to appreciate those animals.hehe..She's more on those showbags being offered along the way. And of course, the one that distracted her very much was the DORA showbag. She's been asking for it along the way since we first saw it, which was about minutes we entered the event. Although we said that we'll buy one for her later once we've done walking all booths during the show, but yes, she's just being a little girl. So, we then get her one once we saw it along the way.

This is what she's been asking for.
Wanna know what's inside ?


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