Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jalan-jalan Perth: It's Strawberry Picking time!

Spent the previous Sunday in Wanneroo, Alhamdulillah. What's soo special with that? We went for strawberry picking! Yeay! It's the first time for both my beloved Maryam and hubby, while that was my second time, as I've experienced it before in Southampton, UK.

We followed our friends of mine, K Mas - the organiser, with few others - K Ina, K Faizah, K Salmah, K Zai, Fathim; all with families. Alhamdulillah, what a great Sunday to start with isn't it? Since it was a very last minute decision, (we only decided to join them aboout half an hour before they go), we've decided to get the address and meet them there. Not joining them to convoy.

Went out about 9am, stop at IGA Riverton while on our way to get some drinks and managed to arrive there about an hour, just in time as they arrived. We went to Wanneroo area; where I believed there are lots of farms here. We went to 171 Elliot Road, Wanneroo. It's owned by a Vietnamese, which has spent more than 30years at the farm. He only started as early as 25!

Look at the huge farm!

Maryam's picking a strawberry!

Alhamdulillah, she really enjoy picking!

Maryam & the strawberry farm!

Can u guess how many kilos that we've picked?
After about 2 hours picking, we then headed to the nearest park for lunch. At first, we planned to go to Blue Lake Park, which is about 8km away from the farm. However, it seems that there are no parking spaces available, just along the road. So, we then headed to another park. But, the GPS only shows us the trail route. So, there goes another ad-hoc plan. Alhamdulillah, we're quite near the park that we went nearly 4 months ago. Remember my wordless entry?

Once we found the best spot, maka terbentanglah segala macam jenis makanan sebagai santapan piknik tengahari kami. From nasi lemak (from 2 different chefs), mee goreng, bihun goreng (also from 2 different chefs) to homemade jelly. Alhamdulillah, kenyang sangat dan berlebih-lebihan makanan yang ada.

Variety of foods..yummy!
Sambil makan-makan, anak-anak lah yang paling seronok. Main playground!

See-saw time!


  1. waaahhh!! sronoknya jalan Maziaa!!! I should definitely save up and go jalan Australia with my family someday... insya Allah kalau dimurahkan rezeki :D

    just to let you know i've moved my blog to :) nanti drop by and tinggalkan link yer, nak buat balik list of blog buddies :)

  2. No wonder I couldn't drop by kt ur blog, kena dpt permission..huhu...okes, thanks for dropping by =)

  3. salam...boleh tak nak tanya..ade lg x no phone tempat strawberry yg korang g tu..da try cari xjmpe..nk try call dulu sblm pegi..thanks..

  4. Salam wbt,

    Maaf lewat reply. Ni contact no tmpt picking kami haritu. 0413289421