Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jalan-jalan Perth: It's Strawberry Picking time!

Spent the previous Sunday in Wanneroo, Alhamdulillah. What's soo special with that? We went for strawberry picking! Yeay! It's the first time for both my beloved Maryam and hubby, while that was my second time, as I've experienced it before in Southampton, UK.

We followed our friends of mine, K Mas - the organiser, with few others - K Ina, K Faizah, K Salmah, K Zai, Fathim; all with families. Alhamdulillah, what a great Sunday to start with isn't it? Since it was a very last minute decision, (we only decided to join them aboout half an hour before they go), we've decided to get the address and meet them there. Not joining them to convoy.

Went out about 9am, stop at IGA Riverton while on our way to get some drinks and managed to arrive there about an hour, just in time as they arrived. We went to Wanneroo area; where I believed there are lots of farms here. We went to 171 Elliot Road, Wanneroo. It's owned by a Vietnamese, which has spent more than 30years at the farm. He only started as early as 25!

Look at the huge farm!

Maryam's picking a strawberry!

Alhamdulillah, she really enjoy picking!

Maryam & the strawberry farm!

Can u guess how many kilos that we've picked?
After about 2 hours picking, we then headed to the nearest park for lunch. At first, we planned to go to Blue Lake Park, which is about 8km away from the farm. However, it seems that there are no parking spaces available, just along the road. So, we then headed to another park. But, the GPS only shows us the trail route. So, there goes another ad-hoc plan. Alhamdulillah, we're quite near the park that we went nearly 4 months ago. Remember my wordless entry?

Once we found the best spot, maka terbentanglah segala macam jenis makanan sebagai santapan piknik tengahari kami. From nasi lemak (from 2 different chefs), mee goreng, bihun goreng (also from 2 different chefs) to homemade jelly. Alhamdulillah, kenyang sangat dan berlebih-lebihan makanan yang ada.

Variety of foods..yummy!
Sambil makan-makan, anak-anak lah yang paling seronok. Main playground!

See-saw time!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Counting days....4 days left!

I just can't wait for the moment. InsyaAllah in 4 days..




Have so many things in mind..on what to do, what to eat, what shall I bring here to maximise the luggage allowance etc.

Some of those delicious & yummilisious food in Malaysia that I want to eat..

Yeah, I know..I know...of all those foods/fruits; why banana? It's not that it cannot be found here, but it's just that it's tooooooo expensive. More than AUD12/kg! I would not spend that much just to eat bananas!

And of course, pisang goreng panas yang sedap!


But, most of all..I wanna meet my beloved family! Tak sabarnya! Makan masakan mak- sungguhpun nasi goreng hari-hari pun tak mengapa =) That' what mak has been saying each time I call her tanya masak apa for breakfast =)

**Photos ihsan google

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's inspection again!

It's been 3 months ago, when we had our first inspection. Remember my previous entry with regards to the massive cleaning that we've had. It's really a nightmare at that time. But, to be honest, this time, we're like...hmm..ok, inspection and guess what, we've only prepare anything that we can.

We've done the mowing in front and behind garden. It's now left with the inside bit- vacuuming, mopping etc etc. Ya Allah, please give me strength to do all this seikhlas hati. Kalau tidak, penat sahaja yang ku peroleh.

Oh ya, malam ni pasti cuti masak sehinggalah esok hari sejurus selesainya inspection. Jika dah sampai ke petang, baru nak mai check, alamatnya makan luar lah kami. heheh..tu part yang paling best ler.. =D

Moga Allah permudahkan segalanya buat kami. Ameen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Makan-makan: The Ghan Restaurant

This was our first time here, where most of our friends recommended that if you're looking for the best Indian/Afghanistan food. They have it all here. So, one fine day, here we came to taste it ourselves.

Enjoy the photos! Let them do the talking =P

Maryam enjoying the food by herself =)

Me & my beloved, Maryam Safiyyah

Taste more or less like Lamb Beriani but of course, it's yummier!

Sorry, can't recall the name of the dish. Will update again if we've the chance to go there again =)

Completed with yummy yogurt

Nice interior. I just love the colour combination - Red, White & Black. Looks exclusive!

The kitchen cum cashier

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jalan-jalan: Perth Royal Show 2011

Perth Royal Show this year was held between 1st to 8th October 2011, same venue like previous years ie. in Claremont. Alhamdulillah, we managed to spare our Saturday ie the final day of the show there =)

Just a little info for us, this is actually an annual show, which has started since 1834, known as 'Fair and Cattle Show'. After 12 years, the State of government then granted the RAS (Royal Agricultural Show) the bigger site in Claremont. The first show there was held in 1905. And of course, many had been done to accommodate the bigger crowd, recorded in 1997 as the year with most number of attendance, with more than 460 000 people! That is definitely a WOW! hehe.. For more info, you can read it here =) 

We started our journey as early as 7am as we thought it starts at 8am and to avoid the crowd definitely. We parked our car at train station and headed there by train. Took 2 different train, changed at Perth Station to Showground Station. Overall journey took us roughly about 40mins to an hour. Maryam had a great time as this is her first time taking a ride on train here in WA. My first experience too. Hehe..But once we arrived, all counter were still closed and will be only open at 9am. But people has started to queue at 8.40am just to make sure we're the first to enter! hehe..

Overall, I would say that it is a great family event. Alhamdulillah. This event is actually an iconic social and cultural event which showcases WA agriculture, small business and entertainment. Besides that, Malaysia too have participated where there's a large Malaysian Pavillion in promoting the agriculture, tradition and food in Malaysia.

Testing the pelamin

In front of Malaysia Pavillion
There were also many other events for those animal lovers, food lovers and also those thrill seekers. So now, let the photos do the talking =) Enjoy! =D

Pigeon & Poultry

Different type of pigeons

Hens, Cocks, Chickens & Roosters (Whatever you called them =P )
Happily stay in one cage-no matter whether you're from different family

Pat-an-animal as you wish
Dare to try this?

Many different types of sheeps
Maryam in action
We enjoyed ourselves there, although I think Maryam is still small to appreciate those animals.hehe..She's more on those showbags being offered along the way. And of course, the one that distracted her very much was the DORA showbag. She's been asking for it along the way since we first saw it, which was about minutes we entered the event. Although we said that we'll buy one for her later once we've done walking all booths during the show, but yes, she's just being a little girl. So, we then get her one once we saw it along the way.

This is what she's been asking for.
Wanna know what's inside ?


Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Holidays Activities

Normally we spent two days a week for a story telling session during school term. This activity is for those children up to 4 years old, I guess. But, during the school holidays, these preshoolers activities stop temporarily in order to cater those 5 years old and above. However, we still go to the library to borrow some books, puzzles and DVDs as usual.

During this period of time, some shopping centres offers great activities for the children. Those near our house are Thornlie Square and Forest Lakes Forum do organise such small event.

At Thornlie Square, they offer Mug Painting, Decorate-A-Cupcake, Balloon Twister and many other activities. The best part is that, it is FREE! hehehe....big smile =D We went for the Mug Painting last week, which was scheduled for three days starting Thursday from 11am-2pm. As per the poster advertisement, it already stated that "Be early to avoid dissappointment" So, we went there about 10.30am, and there were many kids around the activity area. It was a bit small event, which can only accommodate 9-10kids at a time, for about 20 minutes each. When we came for booking, the earlier session was fully booked and we can only start at 12 noon! So, we just walking around the complex just to kill the time. Lucky us that there was a cheap children book sales next to it. I believed you can guess what we did, aren't you? =)

Yesterday we went to the Forest Lakes Forum, where they had a huge bouncing castle in the middle of the complex. I could not hold Maryam from trying that although I've said that I cannot stand beside her. She's a brave little girl. =)

Since there were lots of kids queuing to try the bouncing castle, the supervisor only allow them a 5 minutes session each. If that's not enough (what? 5mins? do you think it's enough for kids? hehehe..), they can queue again, giving chance to those first timer. And mind you, they just don't mind queuing again. Kids being kids..=)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So you think you are busy?


Kata orang, jika sesuatu kerja hendak disiapkan, berikan kerja itu kepada orang yang sibuk. Eh, betulkah? Memang benar. Justeru orang yang sibuk sahaja akan menguruskan masa mereka dengan baik. Orang sibuk sahaja dapat memberi keutamaan kepada kerja-kerja yang banyak – mana yang utama, mana yang penting.

Tetapi sebelum itu, yang paling penting tanyakan diri terlebih dahulu, sibuk itu untuk apa? Sibuk atau buat-buat sibuk. Sibuk atau menyibuk? Sebagai muslim, sibuk kita mesti disebabkan kerana ibadah. Tidak kiralah ibadah asas, ibadah umum atau ibadah sunat. Atur sahaja kehidupan mengikut prinsip-prinsip ibadah, nescaya kesebokan kita berbaloi. Sebok kerana Allah.

Untuk mengatur prioriti pelajari atau telaah sedikit apa yang dikatakan oleh Dr. Yusuf Al Qardhawi dalam fiqh aulawiyat. Insya-Allah, banyak panduan di sana. Ah, malu kita dengan para sahaba, masa yang diberikan kepada mereka dan kita sama sahaja, tetapi mereka bertebaran ke seluruh muka bumi menyebarkan Islam. 3/4 daripada mereka meninggal dunia di luar jaziratul Arab. Sampai ke Cyprus, India, China dan Asia. Tanpa kapal terbang, tanpa kemudahan IT dan alat-alat canggih seperti yang dimiliki kita hari ini. Sibuk, ya mereka sibuk sekali.

Kita? Wah, berapa banyak masa di hadapan TV? Berapa banyak masa membaca Al-Quran berbanding membaca Koran (akhbar). Kalau nak dikatakan sibuk, memang sibuk. Ada diantara kita yang sambil memandu atau menunggang motosikal masih sempat ber'SMS'. Menguyah makanan sambil berbual di telifon bimbit. Yang berkerja sambil tidak sempat menziarah ibu-bapa di kampung. Mahasiswa/i atau pelajar di IPT dan IPTA 'terlupa' menalifon ibu-bapa. Sibuk sANGAT

Manusia menjadi hamba apa yang dicintainya. Apa yang kita cintai? Itulah yang akan menyibukkan kita. Ingat, musuh perkara yang 'lebih penting' ialah perkara yang penting. Para sahabat sudah merasa berdosa jika mereka tersilap dalam memilih keutamaan dalam melakukan kebaikan – "khilaful Aula".

Kekadang mereka merasakan begitu sukar memilih antara bersedekah dengan solat sunat, berdakwah dengan berniaga, berjihad dengan menuntut ilmu, antara yang baik itu, mana yang lebih baik mengikut masa, situasi dan kondisi. Mereka cintakan Allah, mereka disibukkan kerana Allah.

Dengar apa yang dirintihkan oleh Sayidina Umar Al Khattab, "aku tidak tidur di malam hari, bimbang urusan ku dengan Allah tidak selesai. Aku juga tidak tidur di siang hari takut urusanku dengan manusia tidak selesai." Ertinya apa? Ya, Umar adalah individu yang paling "sibuk" sewaktu memimpin urusan umat Islam.

Ditengah-tengah kekalutan dan keserabutan kita, kononnya terlalu sibuk, "pause" sebentar. Renungi dalam-dalam, panjang-panjang, apa yang sebenarnya kita sebokkan? Bimbang, kesebokkan kita ada satu "deraan" yang kita cipta sendiri akibat membelakangkan kecintaan Allah.

Stress, "tension", boring, adalah toksid baru untuk jiwa manusia moden yang meremehkan kekuasaan Allah. Cari semula pangkal jalan dan tujuan hidup. Tanyakan semula apa yang aku cari dengan hidup yang singkat ini. Ingat kata Imam Safie, "peredaran masa adalah suatu yang aneh, tetapi lebih aneh manusia yang melengahkannya."

Syaitan, musuh yang tidak pernah tidur. Malaikat, pencatat setia setiap masa. Siapa temanmu dalam kesebokan waktu? Suara siapa yang sering berbisik di hatimu? Ilham dari para malaikat atau waswas yang datang daripada syaitan. Kasih-sayang Allah sesungguhnya masih sudi singgah di hati yang berdosa.

Kekadang "jemputan ke daerah kebaikan" singgah secara tiba-tiba. Kutiplah titipan kasih daripada Allah apabila suara hatimu tiba-tiba berbisik, "sampai bila aku harus begini..." Kata hukama, "apabila seseorang didatangi rasa hati yang begitu, ertinya dia telah menerima jemputan Tuhan untuk datang ke daerah kebaikan!"
Jangan berlengah lagi wahai diri, perhatikan kesibukan mu. Untuk siapa, apa, kenapa dan ke mana? Jika ternyata, sudah tersasa, menghindarkan kesibukan kita di akhirat. Kesibukan di akhirat itu Neraka! Syurga itulah tempat rehat kita. Allahumma zukna. Amin

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makan-makan: BuaSiam Thai Restaurant

Recommended by a friend of ours, we then decided to give it a try to this lovely restaurant. It is located in Langford Avenue, which is not far from our house. Since yesterday was their anniversary day, they offer discounts for all customers ie 15% to those take-away and 20% for those dining in.

There were many cars parked outside the restaurant, showing that the restaurant will be crowded. As expected, most of the tables were occupied. Alhamdulillah, hubby made a wise decision by making a reservation less than an hour earlier. So, we managed to get our seats =) I remember my friend of mine once said that when she came about a month ago, there were none except their family. I believed the discount offers must be the main attraction of why people grab the chance to come and taste it that night!

Once seated, we've been served with a plate of prawn crackers and plain water. Of course with a menu for each of us, including Maryam..hehe..Quite difficult to choose since we don't have anything in mind. So we ended up with Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce, Massaman beef curry and 2 steamed rice. Luckily we don't order those entree or soups as those were more than enough! Jenuh nak menghabiskan nasi dan lauk!

Us while waiting to be served

Alhamdulillah, great taste! Sedap and recommended! Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce; we thought that might be similar with Ikan Masak 3 Rasa in Malaysia. But, no-it's different. The sauce was sauce - not that spicy, sweet and I just loved the taste! The same with Massaman Beef Curry- a special Thai Curry, which is definitely different from those curry that I made at home! hehe...It is a mild curry seasoned with tamarind, palm sugar and coconut milk with potatoes and peanuts. 

Deep Fried Whole Fish with three taste sauce

Massaman Beef Curry

Would love to have another try insyaAllah. But not that often definitely as it is quite pricey. Once in a while would be okay.

Why don't you have it a try yourself?
Bua Siam Restaurant
Shop 19B Langford Village,
Langford Avenue, WA6147
089 935 666 68
042 328 3447