Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Petrol prices up and down..

Petrol or fuel prices here is fluctuating daily. It sometimes can be as low as 129.90cents and can reach 145.90cents. What is special here is that eventhough you wanted to fill up your tank using Calte*x in Street A, for instance, that does not necessarily means that Calte*x in Street Z offers the same price on the same day!

We then realise that we can check the fuel prices from the internet, to make life easier to choose whichever offers lower rates nearby. We normally check here, definitely not on daily basis. We only check when the fuel tank started to show empty :P

So one day, we went to the petrol station nearby which offers the cheapest rate. And this is what you will have to face...

People doesn't mint queueing just to benefit the low fuel price

Yup, longggggggg queue!!!! Heheh.. Especially if you want to fill after working hours. If not, I believed the queue shouldn't be this long! Hhehe..serves us right, and please don't think that you are smart enough as I believed all people know the benefits of the internet especially to get the cheapest in anything! hehe..=D

Furthermore, there will be a further discounts of 4cents per litre, if we have a discounted coupon. It's easy to get the coupun actually. If you normally do your groceries either at Col*es or Wool*worths for more than AUD30, you are entitled for this coupon. The only difference is that, coupon receives from Col*es can only be used at Shel*l Col*es and the latter can be used at any Caltex*. And there is one time where there give discount of 8cents per litre! It's just that you need to be extra alert and make full use of the offers like this. For us, sometimes we left the receipt at home when we wanted to fill the tank. So, have to make sure we keep the receipt in the car.

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