Saturday, August 6, 2011

Calling all fridge magnets fanatics!

Fridge magnets are one of the favourite souveniors either for ourselves or as gift to our relatives/friends when we're out for a holiday. Besides the cost is normally cheaper than other souveniors such as t-shirts, key chains etc, their designs are sometimes irressistible.

Have you met anybody that is really fanatic of fridge magnets?

source: google

I've met some of them. No matter where they go, be it locally or overseas, they'll surely get one of them as a souveniors. Not only that, they managed to get one as a souveniors (paksa rela from those yang pergi holidays..hehe..) No big deal pun..hehhe...Now, it seems that although you've one fridge magnet from London, that doesn't mean you've been there. You can also get it from ebay website and I also been told that you can actually buy them in Genting! Which country are you thinking of buying? You just named it and they've it all! heheh..

But, have you been thinking of getting one with your photos instead? Your family potrait or your cute daughter? Yes, you can actually get it here! They are just RM28 for 6 fridge magnets specially printed with your very own favourite photos! How lovely!

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